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​US LED knows that you don't just want high-quality LED sign lights for your business or organization - you also want to have someone you can turn to if anything goes wrong. We offer the industry's best warranty for LED signage modules and drivers that are installed by licensed electricians or professional installers. When both items are purchased and used together, we will back your sign lights with a ten-year parts and labor warranty. We'll also add a five-year warranty on the drivers for good measure! This covers any and all workmanship defects and performance issues with products that have been used as designed. You'll have peace of mind knowing the company that manufactured your lighting is fully confident that it will provide many years of service - and will make things right if it doesn't.

Sign Warranty TERMS
  • US LED, Ltd. warrants to the purchaser that for a period of ten (10) years beyond the date of manufacture, US LED, Ltd. sign lighting products shall be free from defects in workmanship and obscure damage to component parts of the type that might occur during manufacture.

  • US LED, Ltd.’s liability for any warranty remedy shall be limited to either the repair or replacement of the defective device, at the sole discretion of US LED, Ltd.

  • Drivers purchased and used with US LED, Ltd. sign lighting products will be covered by this replacement warranty, 100% for the first sixty (60) months and on a pro rata basis thereafter for an additional 60 months. If the driver fails in the sixth year, the purchaser will pay 50% of the purchase price of the driver for its replacement, 60% in the seventh year, 70% in the eighth year, 80% in the ninth year and 90% in the tenth year, always plus freight.

  • If the lighting modules and corresponding drivers sold by US LED, Ltd. are purchased together and used as a system, US LED, Ltd. will also provide a Seven-Year labor warranty on the lighting modules and Five-Year labor warranty on the drivers. The labor warranty is limited to $500.00 on the modules and $150.00 on the drivers PER LOCATION, regardless of the number of units or sign size.

Signage Installer

Questions? Visit our Sign Warranty FAQ.

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