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ROI Payback Calculator

How To Use The ROI Payback Calculator Tool:

  • Fill out the information about your project below, including existing and proposed product types and quantities.

  • The hours of operation are 4,000/year by default. If your operating hours are different, you can override that field.

  • If you want to include multiple lines, click the green + icon on the top right of the tool. You can use the arrows to toggle between the lines.

  • You can view the entire project scope by clicking the grey menu button on the top right of the tool and edit multiple locations.

  • Enter your zip code and choose the correct utility to generate applicable rebate information. This will help improve the accuracy of the energy savings calculations, and pull in the utility's average commercial and industrial rate.

  • Once all of the information has been entered, click on Get My Full Report and have it emailed directly to you.

All product eligibility and rebates should be verified by the utility company. US LED does not provide a guarantee for rebate estimates or rebate programs. Potential rebate amounts do not include applicable fees for rebate management services.

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