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World Class Lighting Project Management Services

US LED project managers work to relieve you from the burden of multi-vendor coordination by serving as a single point of contact to deliver projects on time and within budget.

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Lighting Project Management That Drives Progress and Gets Business Done

In addition to providing the best in LED lighting products, US LED is an industry leader for project management services. Their team of experts oversees every aspect of a project from conception to completion. The US LED Project Management Team understands that every customer is different, and their project requirements are too. Therefore, they remain customer-focused in approach, offering accessibility to a single point of contact who's responsible for every aspect of a project and relieves you from the burden of multi-vendor coordination. Daily communication is a cornerstone of operation, and they pride themselves on getting real-time updates as required. With US LED, you can feel assured that you'll have the accountability and support you need to complete multi-location national programs without risk or delay.


Design-Build Services

US LED provides you the expert insight to ensure highly functional solutions for your property. The project management team focuses on your project requirements to satisfy the needs of the business.


Available Design-Build Services:


Turnkey Services

US LED provides cost-effective, right-on-time project services with a single point of contact. All Project managers deploy personnel in the field to complete projects on time and within budget.

Available Turnkey Services:



Project Support Services

US LED can maximize your reliability, safety, and energy savings with our ongoing support. Project managers can schedule maintenance, procure materials, and schedule the service needed to get the best performance for your lighting systems.


Available Support Services:





US LED's assistance throughout the whole process made everything go smoothly. We look forward to working with US LED on future energy saving projects.

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Working with US LED has been the easiest facilities program we have ever done. Period.



Considering the pricing, the ten-year warranty, and the quality of the installation, we could not be happier working with US LED.

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