Switching to LED is only one part of improving the lighting for your business, organization or institution. You also need the right types of lights installed in the right places. That's where the US LED difference comes in. We're more than just lighting manufacturers - we're also lighting designers. With our professional LED lighting layout and design services, we will craft a new or retrofit solution that is ideal for your specific environment. We know how much the right amount of light can impact a space and are here to help you get the most out of your new interior, exterior or signage lighting.

Many companies just sell you lights and leave it at that. But we

Photometric layouts demonstrate fixture choice, placement, and light coverage.

believe in doing more for our customers. That means providing complete LED lighting services for everything from clothing stores to office breakrooms. By conducting photometric layout studies using advanced software, we can figure out what LED light quality and intensity is needed for every inch of a space. This data helps us determine which fixtures are best suited for the space, how many of them you'll need and where to place them. We then back this up with site surveys, proof of concept tests and other services for perfectly tuned lighting that can make anything look good for decades.

If you want to request a US LED new lighting layout from an industry pro, simply fill out the form below. Provide as much information as you can, including what type of project it is, the dimensions of the space, your current vs. your desired light level, any mounting height restrictions and whatever fixtures are currently installed. An LED lighting design expert will take it from there and produce a perfectly optimized light layout using the most advanced technology in the industry. US LED is Always the Right Choice when you need the right service to go with the right lighting products.

LED lighting layouts


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