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LED Lighting for Retail & Grocery Stores

Having high quality LED lighting will increase check-out lines and the bottom line. By showcasing products with US LED lighting solutions that render colors accurately and eliminates dark spots, you can be assured that your inventory and displays will be shown to customers in a new light.

Parking Lots - Pole Lights - Area & Site

Relieve parking lot anxiety visitors might have with LED technology that properly creates a well-lit experience. Reduce possible accidents and discourage criminal activity with US LED pole lights that help illuminate from the parking lots to the pathways to the storefront.

Dorado XLE
Perfect for pedestrian areas, parking lots, and property exteriors, the Dorado XLE sets the standard for high quality outdoor lighting.
Dorado XLP
The DoradoXLP outdoor LED luminaire is the premium choice for new construction or retrofit opportunities needing high performance illumination.
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Building Exterior - Canopy - Security - Landscape - Perimeter

Allow your customers to find you effectively and create an unforgettable experience with US LED outdoor lighting solutions. With consistent lighting distribution and quality color rendering, US LED lighting solutions help to improve visitor awareness and reduce energy costs in the process.

QubePAK Regal 3
LED wall pack designed to easily integrate into any existing architecture and provide superior illumination.
EcoNight® 3
A full cut-off wall pack that addresses all your needs: stellar light output, ease of installation, and reduced energy costs.
QubePak 3
A decorative, yet rugged LED wall pack that offers a classic appearance and superior LED lighting performance.
QubePark XL
Slim parking garage luminaire that's energy-efficient and easily mounted.
L-Grid® 2EH Soffit
Attractive, low profile 1x1 soffit - surface mounted or recessed and incorporates a flat, frosted lens.
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Indoor Sales Floor

Make sure that your customers are greeted with a well-lit shopping experience with energy-efficient LED technology. Consistent, flicker-free lighting will set the right mood with visitors and flatter your products. With top-shelf retail lighting from US LED, you can be sure that your inventory will shine brightly all the way to the bottom shelf.

Architectural pendant with a minimalist design and maximum appeal.
Linear suspended or surface mounted luminaire designed to have a smooth continuous run of illumination.
Energy-efficient LED downlight with different diameters, ranging from 4" to 10" profiles.
L-Grid® Edge Xtreme
Both stylish and thin, this flat panel combines simple aesthetics and performance across the entire ceiling.
L-Grid®2 EH
The possibilities are endless with this dynamic flat panel that can enhance any traditional T-Grid ceiling.
Architectural troffer that's beautifully designed to maximize lumen output and minimize glare.
With an exclusive mounting plate that facilitates quick installation, the LSF1 wrap is designed for versatility.
Utilizing leading LED technology, the PJF1 is a multi-purpose solution that offers outstanding value and efficiency.
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Warehouses - Storage Areas - Aisles - High Ceilings

LED lighting can help to reduce accidents and promote productivity in your warehouse and other storage areas. With integrated motion/occupancy sensors, lighting can be dimmed or turned off when activity isn't present. With smart warehouse lighting from US LED, you'll reduce energy consumption and eliminate maintenance issues.

ExsaBay® XLE
Superior high bay solution with multiple mounting options and offers lumen packages ranging up to 72,150 lumens.
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