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Nationwide Lighting Audit Services

With a professional on-site lighting audit from US LED, you’ll have a holistic view of your entire lighting system and what’s necessary to upgrade to LED lighting technology. Furthermore, you’ll discover the impact LED lighting can have with reducing operational costs, the potential of rebates, and the commitment it shows to sustainability.

Industry Expertise That Provides Insights On Your Lighting System

What is a lighting audit? It’s a structured, on-site walkthrough conducted by lighting experts that evaluate the current system, area by area, both on the exterior and interior of a facility. The goal is to document the existing lighting system to evaluate potential energy efficiency through LED upgrades. Basic lighting assessments can identify efficiency opportunities with an essential roadmap for a retrofit project. However, investment-grade lighting audits provide property owners with a detailed report of their lighting system, including existing technologies, current light levels, room-by-room fixture layouts, service panel locations, and other electrical info like voltage levels. In any case, a LED lighting audit provides industry insight for businesses looking to invest in their lighting to meet energy efficiency goals while delivering a long-term cost-benefit analysis that assists with sustainability reporting.


The Lighting Audit Process

The lighting audit aims to identify opportunities within a facility to reduce energy consumption while capturing enough information to accurately develop a project plan that enacts measures to meet operational goals. US LED lighting audits follow an efficient process that collects the critical attributes of the lighting system and the facility itself. In addition, it provides comprehensive data to analyze how LED lighting would benefit operations, like cost savings, return on investment, and environmental impact.


Project Kickoff

Document customer's expected project outcomes, evaluate scope, and schedule. Includes acquiring utility data, operational targets, and rebate potential.


On-Site Audit

Experts go on-site to visually inspect the facilities and document findings using a pre-determined checklist. Requirements include but are not limited to upgrade opportunities, measuring light levels, occupant requirements, and site information.


Project Analysis

Evaluate all facility and fixture-level information from the on-site audit. Project Management analyzes the data collected and compares it to the desired outcomes from the Project Kickoff. This step is where the energy efficiency measures are developed, and project plans are created.


Create A Proposal

The team presents the proposal that includes the scope of new lighting upgrades, lighting layouts, an ROI analysis, rebate estimates, the environmental impact, and other calculation assumptions.

Lighting Audits On Another Level

Lighting auditors utilize a comprehensive audit guide that accurately gathers facility and lighting system information according to industry standards. The streamlined process allows auditors to work more efficiently and effectively so that business operations aren’t interrupted. Additionally, auditors take photos to document what has been visually inspected so that all significant attributes are captured for a successful project analysis.

Lighting Audit Service Software

Qualified Lighting Auditors Located Nationwide

US LED’s qualified team of lighting auditors across the country is mobilized efficiently to work with on-site contacts with the appropriate notice. Furthermore, the US LED Project Management team communicates closely with auditors to accommodate operating hours and other exceptional circumstances. Similarly to our lighting installers, on-site commercial lighting audits are conducted by licensed professionals who understand OSHA standards, lighting efficiency principles, and local, state, and national energy codes.

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