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LED Lighting for Hospitality & Public Venues

In any venue, indoor and outdoor lighting can create a dynamic first impression with every visitor. Make sure you're creating the right mood for your property with LED lighting solutions from US LED.

Parking Lots - Pole Lights - Area & Site

Increase safety, reduce accidents, and deter criminal activity with well-lit parking lots. Both employees and visitors alike will appreciate the improved illumination and coverage. You'll appreciate the energy and maintenance savings.

Building Exterior - Canopy - Security - Parking Decks

Make sure visitors can find you with optimal exterior lighting solutions from US LED. With different designs and distributions to choose from, you can easily integrate US LED lighting solutions into your existing architecture and provide the proper illumination.

Office Spaces - Hallways - Meeting Rooms - Restrooms

Create comfortable environments that feel like home with guest-centric LED lighting solutions from US LED. With the right indoor LED lighting for hospitality providers and public venues, staged environments have the right ambiance that encourage repeat visitors and repeat business.

Want to know how much you can save by switching to LED?
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