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Commercial & Industrial LED Lighting

Backed by decades of lighting experience, US LED has been manufacturing a diverse portfolio of indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Find your specific application below to learn which of our ultra-long-life LED luminaires are the best for your application.

Auto Dealership Lighting
Help your cars shine like never before with lighting that renders colors exquisitely and accurately.
Channel Letter Lighting
Keep your brand highly visible in the day and at night. LED modules versatile for any letter set.
Commercial Office Lighting
Support employees by properly lighting work areas for optimal productivity.
Convenience Store Lighting
Drive more business and engagement by installing LEDs over your islands and store shelves.
Education Lighting
Give the advantage to students by creating an optimal learning environment that lights the mind.
Hospitality Lighting
Establish a dynamic first impression by creating the right mood with optimal LED lighting.
Industrial Lighting
Minimize maintenance, keep productivity high, and maximize energy savings with proper lighting.
Municipality Lighting
Keep your city or town running successfully with an ultra-long life LED lighting infrastructure.
Refrigeration/Freezer Lighting
Use top-shelf LEDs to help your merchandise shine brightly to customers.
Retail & Grocery Lighting
LED lights create well-lit shopping experiences that encourage spending and eliminate dark spots.
Self-Storage Lighting
Bright LEDs increase security and offer your clients the well lit access to your facilities day or night.
Sign Cabinet Lighting
Make your signage shine brightly at night with LEDs designed for single-faced or double-faced cabinets.
Sports Lighting
Take your sports venue to the next level of performance with LED lighting.
Warehouse Lighting
Don't keep the warehouse dark. LEDs lower overhead, improve safety, and increase productivity.
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With industry-wide adoption and the growing development of commercial LED technology, businesses are enjoying energy-efficient LED lighting that’s creating an impact financially and for the environment. Don’t see your application? US LED has created custom lighting solutions for thousands of commercial and industrial applications. If you haven’t considered how LED lights, then you may be missing out on benefits that can give your business the advantage.


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