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LED Lights For Warehouses and Industrial Applications

Energy-efficient LED lighting can lower overhead, enhance safety, and boost productivity in your warehouse. US LED lighting for your warehouse will increase visibility, reduce energy consumption, and eliminate future maintenance issues.


Warehouse Lighting Resources


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Ultra-Long-Life Commercial Warehouse LED Lighting

Upgrading your warehouse light fixtures to LED is always the right choice for businesses looking to cut operational costs for their warehouses and industrial facilities drastically. Warehouse LED light fixtures are far more energy-efficient and eliminate maintenance costs associated with replacing parts and recycling programs.

Why US LED Always The Right Choice For Warehouse LED Lighting Projects:

  • LED lighting product lifetimes engineered to approach or exceed 200,000 hours (L70).

  • Industry-leading Ten-Year Warranty that is understandable and completely accessible.

  • LED lighting assembled in the USA (Katy, Texas).

  • National turnkey installation and a dedicated project management team for a single contact.


Performance Team (A Maersk Company) is an industry-leading third-party logistics company with 35+ years of experience in distribution and warehousing. So, when it came time to optimize operations to serve their customers efficiently, they partnered with US LED to update the lights in their warehouse to improve visibility and reduce energy consumption simultaneously.

Lighting Project Assistance

Always The Right Choice For The Best Warehouse LED Lighting Solutions and Services

If you work in facility management, you understand the significant impact of lighting on your property. Lighting quality should never be compromised when it affects productivity, safety, or operational costs.

At US LED, we understand the unique challenges of warehouses and industrial spaces.

We’ve developed lighting solutions and services specifically tailored to address them.


Ultra-Long-Life LED Lighting Solutions

As a full-service lighting manufacturer, US LED's on-site engineering team develops LED lighting that approaches or exceeds 200,000-hour lifetimes (L70), surpassing the typical industry standard of 50,000 hours.


Industry-Leading Ten-Year Warranty

US LED assembles its LED lighting solutions on-site in its facility in Katy, Texas (outside of Houston). Because products are 100% tested for quality before shipping, US LED proudly offers its Ten-Year Warranty for peace of mind.


Turnkey Installation & Project Management

US LED utilizes its in-house dedicated project management team and national network of certified installers to complete turnkey projects, whether a single location or a multi-site program. To date, US LED has completed +40,000 projects.

Warehouse Lighting FAQs
  • What is the US LED Warranty Center?
    The US LED Warranty Center is a portal designed for signage installers to register and manage warranty claims under the Signage Ten-Year Warranty. Through this portal the registered user will be able to do the following: Register product and installation Enter new claims Access and manage existing claims and transactions
  • Who would need to use it?
    The US LED Warranty Center is intended for licensed electricians and installers.
  • When do I need to register for an account?
    As a new user, an installer may register at any time. To make a claim, the registered user would have 30 days from installation to be guaranteed under the US LED Signage Ten-Year Warranty.
  • Where do I register or access my existing account?
    To register as a new user, please click here.
  • How do I submit a warranty claim?
    Warranty claims may be submitted through the US LED Warranty Center only. To make a claim, please click here.

Never Get Left In The Dark On Your Warehouse Lighting Projects

Take advantage of decades of warehouse lighting experience when you partner with US LED on your projects. Offering a complete portfolio for warehouse lighting, US LED can provide end-to-end project services designed to meet the needs of your business.

Featured Indoor Warehouse Lighting Solutions

The vast spaces in warehouses and distribution centers present unique operational challenges, particularly lighting. US LED offers indoor lighting solutions to meet demanding requirements and deliver long-term performance.


Upgrading your warehouse and offices with LED lighting optimizes it for maximum efficiency and cost savings. Ultra-long-life solutions significantly reduce energy consumption and eliminate maintenance over time. Uniform illumination throughout your facility enhances safety and productivity, eliminating dark spots and improving visibility.

Warehouse Lighting Solutions

Featured Outdoor Warehouse Lighting Solutions

Does your lighting still leave you feeling in the dark? With US LED, you can be confident that your warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing facility will never feel that way again.


LED lighting provides high-quality illumination that significantly improves visibility across your property, particularly in parking lots, pedestrian walkways, and building exteriors. Well-lit surroundings reduce the risk of accidents and deter criminal activity, ensuring the safety and security of employees and visitors.

Improve Your Warehouse Operations and Achieve Sustainability Goals 

Reduce Operating Costs

US LED warehouse light fixtures can save up to 75% energy compared to older technologies and have 2-3 times longer lifetimes than others in the marketplace, eliminating maintenance costs associated with replacing lamps, ballasts, and other components.

Enhance Safety & Security

Walking around and operating forklifts or other machinery in warehouses can be highly hazardous when employees cannot see the floor or obstacles due to insufficient lighting. Additionally, well-lit exteriors can eliminate dark spots and deter criminal activities.

Increase Productivity

In well-lit warehouses, employees benefit from enhanced visibility and focus, resulting in heightened productivity and reduced errors. Moreover, the use of good warehouse LED lighting with low glare and high uniformity minimizes visual fatigue.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

US LED warehouse light fixtures decrease a facility's energy usage, reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) or CO2 equivalent. This reduction effectively lowers the property's carbon footprint, positively impacting the environment.

More About Lighting For Warehouses and LED High Bay Warehouse Lighting

Better Understanding Lighting For Warehouses

Effective warehouse lighting is essential in today's complex environments, requiring specialized solutions to meet various critical criteria: scale, brightness, durability, and coverage. It's vital that warehouse lighting ensures that every part of your space is evenly illuminated, leaving no area in the dark.

Superior warehouse LED lighting provides enhanced visibility for tasks such as reading labels, operating machinery, and ensuring the safety of your workforce. Traditional light sources, like incandescent or fluorescent fixtures, often fail to meet these needs. They consume excessive power and require frequent replacements, driving up operational costs and creating maintenance headaches.

Moreover, outdated light fixtures can cause visual fatigue among employees, negatively impacting productivity and safety. In contrast, modern LED lighting solutions are designed to meet the rigorous demands of contemporary warehouses. They provide consistent, high-quality illumination while being energy-efficient and durable.

Investing in LED lighting for your warehouse enhances operational efficiency and safety and reduces long-term costs. Switch to US LED's advanced LED lighting and transform your warehouse into a brighter, safer, and more productive environment.

The Different Types of LED Warehouse High Bay Lighting

Lighting a warehouse or large industrial space requires a customized approach. The layout, ceiling height, and specific tasks in different areas demand various lighting solutions. Here are some examples of different LED high bay lighting designed to meet the different needs of warehouses.

Linear High Bays

Linear high bays are the perfect solution for your warehouse lighting needs. These long, rectangular fixtures deliver bright, even illumination across vast areas, making them ideal for spaces with shelving and long aisles. The linear design ensures consistent light distribution, allowing workers to identify items on shelves and navigate the area quickly. Plus, their shape allows for easy installation in a continuous line, providing an uninterrupted flow of light along the entire length of your warehouse.

Linear High Bays

Round high bays, often referred to as UFOs because of their distinctive saucer-like shape, are the versatile lighting solution your warehouse needs. They are perfect for spaces with higher ceilings, as they project a powerful, focused light downward, ensuring optimal visibility. Their design efficiently dissipates heat, significantly extending the unit's lifespan. With a compact and unobtrusive appearance, UFO high bays are the ideal choice for environments where aesthetics matter just as much as functionality.


Elevating Warehouses and Industrial Spaces With US LED Lighting Solutions

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US LED is the premier LED lighting provider for commercial and industrial businesses.

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