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LED Lighting for Self Storage Facilities

Self storage operators and managers always look for opportunities to reduce operating costs, increase safety standards, and enhance facility security. With a complete portfolio of self storage lighting available from US LED, you'll undoubtedly increase property value, all while improving the customers' experience on-site.

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Self Storage Lighting Resources


Lower Your Operating Expenses While Increasing Safety and Security With LED Self Storage Lighting

For self storage operators and facility-management firms looking to cut overhead costs, upgrading to LED self storage lighting is always the right choice. LED lighting is more energy-efficient than legacy fixtures, significantly reducing energy consumption and eliminating maintenance costs associated with replacing parts and recycling programs.

US LED goes beyond industry standards by offering LED lighting solutions that approach or exceed 200,000-hour L70 lifetimes when other manufacturers only provide 50,000-100,000 hours. Additionally, US LED is dedicated to quality assurance and offers peace of mind with a Ten-Year Warranty.

Download LED Self Storage Lighting Guide Checklist
Public Storage

Thinking about upgrading to LED self storage lighting?

Self storage facility owners and facility management firms rely on US LED to provide energy-efficient LED lighting solutions and turnkey installation. Whether you have a single location or a multi-location rollout, our lighting experts are ready to serve you.

Lighting Project Assistance
  • What is the US LED Warranty Center?
    The US LED Warranty Center is a portal designed for signage installers to register and manage warranty claims under the Signage Ten-Year Warranty. Through this portal the registered user will be able to do the following: Register product and installation Enter new claims Access and manage existing claims and transactions
  • Who would need to use it?
    The US LED Warranty Center is intended for licensed electricians and installers.
  • When do I need to register for an account?
    As a new user, an installer may register at any time. To make a claim, the registered user would have 30 days from installation to be guaranteed under the US LED Signage Ten-Year Warranty.
  • Where do I register or access my existing account?
    To register as a new user, please click here.
  • How do I submit a warranty claim?
    Warranty claims may be submitted through the US LED Warranty Center only. To make a claim, please click here.

Self Storage Lighting Standards Guide

Want to understand better how to effectively (and safely) light your self storage business? Whether new construction or a retrofit, learn how to light up the most critical areas.

FREE Self Storage LED Lighting Guide

Don't Get Left In The Dark On Your Self Storage Lighting Projects

Take advantage of decades of self storage lighting experience when you partner with US LED on your projects. Offering a complete portfolio for self storage lighting, US LED can provide comprehensive solutions and services designed to meet the needs of your business

Retail Office - Sales Counter - Storage Area Hallways - Storage Units - Stairways

Ensure that your customers are greeted with a well-lit experience when they enter your property with energy-efficient LED self storage lighting. With integrated occupancy sensors, the lighting can be dimmed or turned off when activity isn't present. Now self storage operators can reduce energy consumption and virtually eliminate maintenance issues.

Lighting Solutions

Building Exterior - Loading Areas - Canopy - Drive Aisles - Faux Doors

Effectively light up exterior areas in your self-storage facility with US LED outdoor luminaires. Choose from various ultra-long life solutions that will increase visibility in any condition while giving your customers a greater sense of safety and security.

Parking Lots - Pole Lights - RV & Boat Storage Areas

Reduce the risk of accidents and deter criminal activity with well-lit parking lots and storage areas. Customers loading and unloading at night will appreciate the improvement in lighting. In addition, you'll enjoy the energy savings that come from it.

Exit Signs - Emergency Lights

Installing the correct emergency lighting products for your indoor space is critical for meeting local and state codes. US LED has the lighting solutions you need for any environment so that occupants are well-protected in an emergency.

Elevating Facilities With US LED Self-Storage Lighting Solutions

Self-Storage Units

Ready To Light Up Your Self Storage Facility?

US LED is the leading full-service self storage lighting provider across the USA.

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