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How To Buy US LED Lighting Solutions

Unlike other lighting manufacturers, US LED lighting solutions are sold to end users, not through traditional distribution or manufacturer's rep agencies. Therefore, US LED will directly provide you with an estimate for general lighting and sign lighting products when requested. In addition, for those who need more support for larger lighting projects or programs, our lighting experts can assist you further, regardless of size or scope.

To Request Product Pricing or Assistance With A Project:

  • Submit pricing requests directly to our Customer Service Team:

  • Request an estimate or project assistance through the website:  Get My Pricing

  • Call 866-972-9191 to speak with one of our lighting experts

  • Send us a message through our Live Chat option

To Request Project Pricing With A Lighting Schedule or Customer Program Pricing:

Have a question or simply need more information to get a project started?
Fill out the form below and one of our lighting experts will be in touch with you.

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