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LED Lighting Rebate Management

Take advantage of US LED utility rebate management services that explore and track available utility rebates that apply to your LED lighting projects. For national lighting programs, better understand which geographic locations to prioritize to get the most significant financial payback.

Save More On Lighting Upgrades with Utility Rebates

Now more than ever, utility companies are offering substantial rebates and incentives to organizations that upgrade their legacy lighting systems to energy-efficient LED lighting technology. Because of that, LED lighting installations have become highly affordable and can cover a significant amount depending on the program and available funding. So why do utilities offer lighting rebates? Energy efficiency programs help to manage overall demand to meet energy savings goals, and paying out rebates to commercial customers is more cost-effective than constructing new power plants.

With over 3,000 utilities across North America, rebates and incentives vary significantly between geographic locations and could be tricky to navigate. Therefore, working with a partner who understands how these energy-saving programs work takes the hassle out of the rebate process. The US LED project management team will estimate the total applicable rebates for your project, verify product eligibility, complete the appropriate documentation, and ensure you get the funds.


What Are The Types of Utility Rebate Programs?

Many utilities have LED lighting rebate programs for new construction and retrofit projects. Even though rebates differ significantly among them, they typically fall into one of three categories: instant (or midstream), prescriptive, or custom.


Instant or Midstream Rebates

Instant (or midstream) rebate programs are designed to encourage lighting manufacturers to develop energy-efficient LED lighting solutions and encourage distributors to keep them in stock. These programs allow distributors to provide discounts on qualifying products upfront, allowing immediate savings to be passed along to end users at the time of purchase. The utilities reimburse distributors for the instant rebates provided at the sale.


Prescriptive Rebates

Utilities offering a prescriptive rebate have specific guidelines about energy-efficient lighting upgrades and have predetermined amounts associated with each measure installed that meets those guidelines. Depending on project scope, the utility may need to pre-approve the estimated rebate amount and conduct a post-installation inspection before funds are awarded.


Custom Rebates

A custom rebate is designed to incentivize unusual equipment or process changes that will ultimately reduce energy consumption and demand. These types of rebates are usually on equipment that isn’t covered by instant or prescriptive programs. Instead of specific guidelines for energy-saving upgrades, a customer must prove that a project will save energy and the amount will vary depending on the kWh and KW saved.

End-To-End Rebate Management

Thanks to decades of lighting expertise and modern reporting technology, US LED has streamlined the rebate management process for lighting projects so that they are completed more quickly and efficiently. The Project Management Team monitors the end-to-end procedure from specification to documentation to ensure rebate qualification goes as planned. Having worked with every major utility in the United States, US LED lighting experts will ensure that your project takes advantage of every incentive available and that no money gets left on the table.


Scaling The Process With National Programs

If your business has multiple locations across the United States, US LED offers national program rollout services to assist with rebate harvesting. The US LED Project Management Team will analyze your real estate portfolio and develop a plan for prioritizing installations that capitalize on the largest rebates first to facilitate quicker project payback. Furthermore, the team will document progress and assist with corporate reporting for LED lighting upgrades.

Understanding Lighting Upgrade Financing Options

LED lighting rebates offer the potential to offset a significant portion of future lighting upgrade costs. However, what other alternatives are available? US LED provides insight into other financial options available for your projects.


Use our product catalog tool to find available utility rebates in your area in real-time, along with links to the relevant product pages and datasheets. The tool can be filtered by category, or you can search by the specific catalog number.


The 179D commercial buildings energy efficiency tax deduction enables building owners to claim a tax deduction for installing qualifying systems in facilities associated with energy-efficiency projects, like LED lighting upgrades.


Lighting as a Service (or known as LaaS) is a subscription that allows businesses to install energy-efficient LED lighting with no upfront capital. Monthly payments divide the cost of the new LED lighting, the initial LED installation, and the ongoing maintenance.

Always The Right Choice For Lighting Projects

Are you ready to explore rebate options for your lighting project? US LED can help prepare a system solution that reduces energy and qualifies for utility rebates. Click below to start a conversation and learn how we can partner together.

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