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Illuminate Your Auto Dealership and Save Money With LED Lighting

As the owner or general manager of an auto dealership, you understand the importance of creating a welcoming and well-lit environment for your customers. US LED provides a complete portfolio of LED auto dealership lighting and turnkey installation that enhances a dealership’s curb appeal and reduces operating costs.


Auto Dealership Lighting Resources


Increase Your Curb Appeal and Provide A Safe Shopping Experience

US LED lighting solutions are designed specifically with auto dealerships in mind, and we offer value-added services to meet your needs. From on-site audits and photometric layouts to rebate management and turnkey installation, US LED handles every aspect of project management to ensure you get the best possible results.

If you're still using traditional auto dealership lighting, you need to take advantage of the benefits of LED lighting! US LED goes beyond industry standards by offering auto dealership lighting that approaches or exceeds 200,000-hour L70 lifetimes when other manufacturers only provide 50,000-100,000 hours. That means up to 80% in energy savings for decades to come. US LED is also dedicated to the highest quality possible and offers peace of mind with its industry-leading Ten-Year Warranty. Additionally, LED lighting is critical for operational efficiency, reducing your dealership's carbon footprint and accelerating ESG goals.


Want To Optimize Your Auto Dealership's Operations?

Download this FREE white paper to discover how Operational Efficiency Solutions can improve cash flow, give you more control with line of sight, provide real-time energy management, and lower carbon emissions. Take the first step towards a more efficient and profitable dealership now!


Our Customer-Focused Approach To Projects

The US LED project management team oversees every aspect of a project from conception to completion. To get started on car dealership lighting retrofit projects, we’ll begin with an on-site audit of your dealership to determine your needs and help you understand the impact new lighting will have. We’ll then evaluate the information from the audit to create a proposal that could include a photometric layout and any utility rebates and tax incentives available to you to offset the cost of the project. Finally, our team will handle the turnkey installation process, ensuring your new lighting is installed correctly and functioning efficiently.

  • What is the US LED Warranty Center?
    The US LED Warranty Center is a portal designed for signage installers to register and manage warranty claims under the Signage Ten-Year Warranty. Through this portal the registered user will be able to do the following: Register product and installation Enter new claims Access and manage existing claims and transactions
  • Who would need to use it?
    The US LED Warranty Center is intended for licensed electricians and installers.
  • When do I need to register for an account?
    As a new user, an installer may register at any time. To make a claim, the registered user would have 30 days from installation to be guaranteed under the US LED Signage Ten-Year Warranty.
  • Where do I register or access my existing account?
    To register as a new user, please click here.
  • How do I submit a warranty claim?
    Warranty claims may be submitted through the US LED Warranty Center only. To make a claim, please click here.
Lighting Project Assistance

"We upgraded to LED lighting from US LED and have already seen a significant reduction in energy costs. The lighting quality is also much better, making our vehicles look even more attractive to potential customers coming on the lot. I highly recommend US LED to anyone looking for an upgrade."

- Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram


"I was hesitant at first to use US LED and their controls for new construction, but their team made the process easy and stress-free. Our dealership is brighter and more inviting than others, and we're seeing the benefits of increased sales. I'd recommend US LED to every auto dealership out there."

- Norm Reeves Toyota San Diego

Parking Lot Lighting - Pole Lights - Exterior Lighting - Area and Site Lighting

Showcase your dealership like an oasis in the night with new LED lighting from US LED. By switching to LED lighting for your parking lots, you’ll benefit from substantial savings on energy and maintenance. Not only will colors render beautifully, you'll create a significant first impression for potential customers visiting your lot.

Lighting Solutions

​Building Exterior Lighting - Canopy Lights - Security Lights- Landscape Lighting - Perimeter Lighting

Exterior LED luminaires from US LED provide highly efficient illumination for increased visibility in every area of your property. Help visitors locate your brand more efficiently and increase security for both employees and visitors alike.

Indoor Lighting - Sales Floor Lights - Showroom Lights - Front Office Lighting

Help showcase the newest models on your floor with the best quality light possible. US LED offers unique indoor lighting solutions that help illuminate the immaculate paint jobs and elegant curves of your inventory.

Service Area Lighting - Storage Area Lighting - Aisle Lighting - Lights for High Ceilings

Provide an optimal work space that helps promote safety and productivity. US LED solutions for service areas produce energy-efficient, high quality light that's perfect for technicians to see the task at hand. 

Exit Signs - Emergency Lights

Installing the correct emergency lighting products for your indoor space is critical for meeting local and state codes. US LED has the lighting solutions you need for any environment so that occupants are well-protected in an emergency.

LED Lighting For Sign Cabinets and Channel Letters

Whether you are opening a location or want to upgrade your current signage, US LED has the high-quality lighting you are looking for. US LED has cost-effective solutions for both sign cabinets and channel letters so people will take notice from every direction.

Elevate Auto Dealership Lighting with US LED

Parking Lot

Want to know more about US LED?

Contact US LED to talk with a lighting expert and discover how our customized Operational Efficiency Solutions can help your dealership drive to more success!

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