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LED Lighting for Auto Dealerships

Increase your curb appeal with LED lighting that renders colors beautifully and provides a safe shopping experience for customers on the lot. With unique lighting solutions from US LED, you'll be sure to drive ahead of your competition.

Parking Lots - Pole Lights - Area & Site

Showcase your dealership like an oasis in the night with new LED lighting from US LED. By switching to LED lighting for your parking lots, you’ll benefit from substantial savings on energy and maintenance. Not only will colors render beautifully, you'll create a significant first impression for potential customers visiting your lot.

Building Exterior - Canopy - Security - Landscape

Exterior LED luminaires from US LED provide highly efficient illumination for increased visibility in every area of your property. Help visitors locate your brand more efficiently and increase security for both employees and visitors alike.

Showrooms - Front Offices

Help showcase the newest models on your floor with the best quality light possible. US LED offers unique indoor lighting solutions that help illuminate the immaculate paint jobs and elegant curves of your inventory.

Service Areas

Provide an optimal work space that helps promote safety and productivity. US LED solutions for service areas produce energy-efficient, high quality light that's perfect for technicians to see the task at hand. 

Want to know how much you can save by switching to LED?