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with LED Lighting For Industrial Facilities

Increase Production With Energy-Saving LED Lighting

Your industrial and manufacturing environments need robust solutions. US LED's portfolio of commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions maximizes your energy savings, minimizes maintenance, and improves illumination inside the facilities and out. If you're ready to transform your industrial or manufacturing facilities, US LED offers our world-class project management team to assist with projects on any scale from conception to completion.

As one of the country's largest repair service providers, United Valve continually leverages advanced equipment to maintain its overall operations. So when it came to lighting up their 60,000 sq. ft. facility, they didn't hesitate to leverage the expertise of US LED.

Discover The Benefits of US LED Industrial Lighting


Lower Energy and Maintenance Costs

For businesses looking to drastically cut overhead costs for their office buildings, upgrading to LED lighting is always the right choice. Commercial LED lights are more energy-efficient than traditional fluorescent fixtures, and they eliminate maintenance costs associated with replacing parts, additional labor, and safe recycling programs.


Ultra-Long LED Product Lifetimes

US LED goes beyond industry standards by offering LED luminaires that approach or exceed 200,000-hour L70 lifetimes. That means you can count on your lighting to work as hard as you do! What is L70? L70 is the estimated number of hours of use where initial lumen output has degraded by 30%. The typical industry standard is only 50,000-100,000 hours.


Industry-Leading Ten-Year Warranty

Because of US LED's dedication to quality assurance, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you'll have products that deliver greater safety and lower expenses. US LED can offer a Ten-Year Warranty on its lighting products because of on-site engineering and the fact that much of the product line is assembled and tested in Houston, Texas

Warehouse Lighting | Storage Area Lighting | Aisle Lights | Lights for High Ceilings

Illuminate large spaces and production areas with high bay LED lighting luminaires from US LED. Read product labels accurately and organize your warehouse easily with better quality light from patented LED technology. With decreased energy and maintenance costs, you'll watch productivity and your bottom line improve.

Office Spaces | Conference Rooms | Storage Rooms | Hallways | Corridors | Restrooms | Task Lighting

Ensure that your employees work in a safe and productive environment while saving costs with US LED. These indoor LED lighting solutions give the most coverage while reducing your energy consumption.

Parking Lot Lighting | Pole Lights | Area and Site Lighting

Make sure employees and visitors feel secure with a well-lit parking area with outdoor parking lot LED lighting solutions from US LED. Improved coverage, ultra-long lifetime, and high quality light all contribute to a safer experience from the buildings to the pathways and parking lots.

LED Lighting For Sign Cabinets and Channel Letters

Whether you are opening a new business or want to upgrade your current signage, US LED has the high-quality LED solutions you are looking for. US LED has cost-effective products for both sign cabinets and channel letters so people will take notice from every direction.


Need Help With Your Industrial or Manufacturing Facility?

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