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LED Lighting for Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities

Your industrial and manufacturing environments need robust solutions. Our portfolio of industrial LED lighting solutions are designed to maximize energy savings, minimize maintenance, and improve illumination inside your facilities and out.

Production Areas - Aisles - High Ceilings

Illuminate large spaces and production areas with high bay LED lighting luminaires from US LED. Read product labels accurately and organize your warehouse easily with better quality light from patented LED technology. With a decrease in energy and maintenance costs, you'll watch productivity and your bottom line improve.

Interior Work Areas - Front Offices

Ensure that your employees work in a safe and productive environment while saving costs with US LED. These indoor LED lighting solutions give the most coverage while reducing your energy consumption.

Parking Lots - Pole Lights - Area & Site

Make sure employees and visitors feel secure with a well-lit parking area with outdoor parking lot LED lighting solutions from US LED. Improved coverage, ultra-long lifetime, and high quality light all contribute to a safer experience from the buildings to the pathways and parking lots.

Building Exterior - Canopy - Security - Landscape

Better illuminate your property with US LED's energy-efficient and ultra-long life LED wall mount luminaires. These versatile products offer superior lighting, reduce energy costs, and require no maintenance at all. Best of all, both visitors and employees alike will enjoy the improved sense of security when moving about at night.

Want to know how much you can save by switching to LED?