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LED Lighting Return On Investment (ROI)

LED lighting upgrades can provide long-term cost benefits and support sustainability for companies looking to accelerate energy efficiency projects. Evaluating the Return On Investment (ROI) for an LED lighting project helps to pinpoint exactly how much money will be saved and when the project will pay for itself.

Understand The Real Value of Upgrading To LED Lighting

Organizations constantly seek out opportunities to lower expenses and operate at peak efficiency. Because lighting makes up roughly 35% of total energy consumption in a typical commercial building, it’s a critical piece of infrastructure to evaluate for potential cost savings. Analyzing your facility’s lighting system with a lighting audit can provide detailed energy usage information and offer insights into how the existing inefficient lighting is taxing the business. Upgrading to ultra-efficient LED lighting allows for potential energy savings of up to 70% in some cases, but upfront capital expenditures might force companies to postpone this type of project.


US LED can help your organization understand the underlying costs of your inefficient lighting system and highlight the benefits of new LED lighting upgrades. Additionally, US LED can provide a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis after auditing your facilities. These analysis reports will reveal the immediate energy savings, the project payback with rebates, the cost of waiting, and the environmental impact.


Energy Savings

All energy savings calculations are performed using verified test data associated with US LED lighting solutions on the DLC Qualified Products List. The summary presents a high-level overview of the current energy use, the annual costs from the existing lighting system, and compares it to the proposed energy-efficient LED solutions. As a result, you’ll be able to estimate the reduction in annual energy usage and the savings amount.

Project Payback Summary

For further insight, ROI reports demonstrate the estimated time it will take for the project to pay for itself. The calculations consider real-time utility rebates that could be applied, potential energy savings, and maintenance savings. In addition, the reporting also shows the cost of waiting each year if the project is delayed.


Environmental Impact and More

LED lighting is not only a proven way to reduce energy use, but it also supports sustainability efforts and accelerates ESG goals. Advanced ROI reporting uses the information captured from the on-site audit and compares it to the proposed LED solutions that US LED would install. As a result, businesses will better understand the impact an LED lighting upgrade project would have on the environment with the energy saved quantified into Carbon Dioxide emissions. Additionally, those who produce corporate reporting for standards like ESG would have the supplemental data to utilize.

The Full-Service LED Lighting Provider

In addition to the energy calculations and payback summary, our comprehensive proposals include critical information like applicable rebate calculations, full project scope, bill-of-materials, and lighting controls savings if applicable. US LED strives to give businesses everything they need to make informed decisions about energy-efficient lighting upgrades that satisfy operational goals. Allow our lighting experts to help support your future projects and deliver on your objectives.

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