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PSB 24V 96W

Power Supply Unit

The PSB 24V 96W is a high-performance, Class 2 power supply unit intended for use with LED lighting in outdoor signage applications. It is designed to withstand moisture and other outdoor elements with an IP66 rating and is RoHS compliant. The PSB is engineered to speed up installation and ensure reliable operation long term.


Product Details

Key Features

  • For use in outdoor signage applications

  • 24VDC, Class 2 power supply

  • 90-305VAC input voltage

  • Complies with UL 879, UL 8750, UL 1310 and CSA 22.2

  • Complies with FCC 47CFR Part 15

  • IP66 rated housing


  • Weight: 1.5 lbs. (0.68kg)

  • 10 ct. package quantity

  • Housing designed for high thermal capability


  • Input voltage: 90-305VAC (120V/1.05A) (230V/0.56A) (277V/0.50A)

  • Output voltage: 24VDC 

  • Output current: 4.0A max

  • Output power: 100W max

  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +50°C (-30°F to +122°F)

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