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signage & Cabinet Lighting Accessories

Owning the best LED signage lighting for your business, school, event or monument sign is only part of what you need. The right accessories can be the difference between a sign that's breathtaking around the clock and one that goes out when the sun does. US LED has all the lighting accessories you need for LED sign cabinets and channel letters. By adding quality components to your retrofit or new sign construction, you'll ensure the light comes on when you need it to. Both commercial and industrial installations will perform at their best with our premium LED products.


A good power supply for your sign lighting is a must. LED modules are generally designed to operate at low voltage, but many buildings have line voltage or high voltage circuits. The damp location power supply units you see here double as

transformers, stepping down voltage output to 12V for channel letters and 24V for sign cabinets. This way, you can plug your LED lights into 120V, 230V, 277V and 480V systems without rewiring. We also have a separate transformer for if you want to use channel letter LEDs on 347V circuitry. Another good thing to have is a power supply enclosure that provides additional protection against weather, debris and wild animals.


US LED also has all the LED sign light wiring and connectors you'll need. We carry rolls of blue/red wire, several lengths of Quick Connect jumper wires and jacketed wires with Quick Connect tabs. These are coated with an outdoor-rated covering to prevent moisture from getting into the electronics. If you are installing channel letter lights, you can also add dimming controllers and wall controls so you choose just how bright they are at any given time. When you request our design services, we'll also recommend the right sign light accessories for a project. Make the right lighting choice by visiting one of our signage distributors in person or ordering direct online.

This chart represents the longest possible runs for each wire gauge allowed on the DC side of the power supply. Applicable for all US LED signage products. Please contact Customer Service with any additional questions.

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