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Storage Asset Management Storage Sense

Operational Efficiency Solutions Case Study

Offering convenience and quality service, Storage Sense was determined to shelve their high energy bills and start storing savings with Operational Efficiency Solutions (OES), such as LED lighting and HVAC controls.


The Opportunity

Storage Sense, managed by Storage Asset Management (SAM), takes pride in providing affordable storage solutions to local communities. With over 200 self-storage properties nationwide, it offers convenient, high-quality amenities and exceptional service to ensure the best possible customer experience.

One of its popular properties in Irving, Texas spans nearly 82,000 sq. ft. and provides temperature-controlled storage units of various sizes to meet customers’ evolving needs. However, in recent years, Storage Sense has faced increased operational costs due to issues with inefficient fluorescent lighting, HVAC usage patterns, and associated maintenance. Additionally, deteriorating lighting has raised safety concerns, affecting overall visibility around the building. Recognizing the importance of efficiency and security, the company realized that better lighting and HVAC systems could make a significant difference. Consequently, finding qualified partners to address these issues became crucial.


The Solution

After a thorough evaluation, SAM selected US LED and their partner Unify Energy Solutions to integrate their Operational Efficiency Solutions (OES). This comprehensive approach improves visibility and safety while significantly reducing energy and maintenance costs.

US LED installed ultra-long-life LED lamps in the interior and wall packs on the exterior, which are far more efficient than existing fluorescents and are backed by an industry-leading Ten-Year Warranty. With complete line-of-sight monitoring and AI-driven insight, Unify’s intelligent HVAC controls have improved run times, balancing demand with energy efficiency. With OES, the property has realized a reduction in energy demand and an improvement in cash flow.


The Benefits

The successful installation of the new LED lighting and HVAC controls was met with immediate positive feedback, making a noticeable impact on visibility, safety, and operational efficiency.

SAM achieved a staggering 64% reduction in the property’s energy consumption, a decrease of 462,511 kWh. This significant change has resulted in annual savings of $64,751.54. The project’s return on investment (ROI) will be 1.83 years, accounting for energy, maintenance, and tax savings combined. Moreover, the ROI is reduced to only 0.89 year when implementing the highly impactful 179D Commercial Buildings Energy-Efficiency Tax Deduction.

SAM has also made a substantial environmental impact by significantly lowering its annual energy consumption. Eliminating 323 metric tons of CO2 equivalent is the same as greenhouse gas emissions from 36,357 gallons of gasoline consumed, 356,087 lbs. of coal burned, and 64 homes’ annual electricity use. Most importantly, SAM avoided a solar project of $377,092 otherwise needed to implement its net-zero initiative goals to cover existing energy demand.

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