Photometric Studies

US LED Photometric Studies

A lot goes into lighting up a large office, commercial or industrial space. Knowing where to put light fixtures and how bright they should be is just as, if not more, important than deciding what type of light to use. US LED's complete commercial lighting services include complimentary photometric studies to help determine the right solution. By analyzing and simulating light fixtures, we can determine if a proposed layout will meet your lighting requirements. If it doesn't, we'll recommend a layout that does.

What are Photometrics?

The science of photometry has been adopted by the lighting industry in recent years to make commercial lighting more effective and efficient. In simple terms, photometry is the study of light itself. Born in the early 1990s due to rapidly advancing lighting technology, the science uses computer simulations to study an area before construction begins. Information such as layout size, obstacles, foot candle measurements and more are entered into our photometric software. By looking at how light leaves a fixture and how it enters and affects the surrounding area, we can determine the best options for total output, brightness, intensity and evenness. 


Advantages of Photometric Studies

 Photometric analysis can be used with any type of lighting to visualize a design in advance so you're even more confident in your lighting. Simulating a lighting design allows you to see if a plan will work and make changes before installation starts. The benefits go beyond seeing what types of fixtures you should use and how many lumens the bulbs should be. It also means you can estimate the costs and electrical requirements of the project. This way, you can plan out a budget and also make any voltage upgrades so your photometric-enhanced lighting system will work as planned. Eliminating the guesswork for your project saves time, money and headaches because you're less likely to need on-the-fly changes. Furthermore, you can make sure your plan meets local codes so there's no light trespass onto nearby commercial properties or residential areas.

Great Places to Use Photometrics

 US LED recommends that anyone planning new LED lighting or remodeling in a large space have a photometric study done first. Some of the places we can simulate and analyze include:


  • Parking garages and lots

  • Sports stadiums, courts and fields

  • Department stores

  • Restaurants

  • Warehouses

  • Car dealerships

  • Gyms

  • Office buildings

  • Gas stations

  • City parks

Quality Services from an Industry Leader

 US LED does more than designing and manufacturing the best LED industrial lights at competitive prices. We also have the knowledge to help others use them in the best way for their situation. Contact US LED if you're interested in having a photometric study conducted by our lighting experts. It's just one aspect of our full-service commercial lighting solutions that also include project management, ROI analysis, site surveys and installation. We look forwarding to assisting you with your next lighting project so you have LED lights that are both effective and long-lasting.


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