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Continuous Air Purification With Active Radiant Catalysis


Support occupant health and promote wellbeing with proven commercial solutions from US LED

Active air purification brings processes from nature to the indoors to create healthier environments for occupants.

Advantages From A Powerful Combination of Technologies


Continuously Cleans Indoor Spaces


Removes Airborne Pollutants


Reduces Indoor Odors


Active and Passive Air Purification


Active Air Purification Technology Overview

Utilizing a proprietary form of photocatalytic oxidation called Active Radiant Catalysis (ARC®) from Greentech Environmental, these air purification solutions use energy to activate a catalyst that turns moisture into effective advanced oxidation products (AOPs). These AOPs continuously sanitize the air and surfaces, actively destroying microbes and rendering contaminants harmless. After creating a plasma of positive and negative charges, ionization removes allergens and other harmful pathogens from the breathing space, either by pushing them away or causing them to clump together and fall to the floor.

Technology Overview

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Suggested Applications For Active Air Purification

Active air purification solutions can be used just about anywhere. The ideal application is an environment that needs the indoor air purified by reducing odors and safely destroying harmful viruses, bacteria, mold, and other pathogens. Unlike passive filters that affect only air that passes through them, applications with active air purification propel purifying solutions to the sources of pollution, continuously reducing odors and airborne particles. 





Schools & Universities

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Commercial Retail


Healthcare Facilities

Electric Guitarist

Entertainment Spaces

Modern Gym




Extended Care Facilities

Restaurant Bar

Hospitality Spaces

How Active Air Purification Technology Works

What is Active Radiant Catalysis (ARC)?

NASA first developed photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) to break down volatile organic compounds (VOC) that build up in spacecraft, efficiently improving air quality to grow plants for astronauts. Active Radiant Catalysis (ARC®) from GreenTech Environmental is a proprietary form of photocatalytic oxidation (PCO). Replicating processes found outdoors turn moisture in the air into advanced oxidation products. These oxidizers break down odors, such as those caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mold, and bacteria. 

More About The Technologies


Active Radiant Catalysis (ARC®)
The proprietary PCO technology uses energy to activate a catalyst, turning moisture into products that continuously clean your space.

Activated Oxygen
Activated oxygen attaches itself to contaminants at the molecular level, destroying them. This process eliminates the contaminant while reverting the activated oxygen back into oxygen.

Creating a plasma of electrical charges, ionization removes allergens like dust, pet dander, dust mite matter, and other irritating particulates from the breathing space, pushing them away or causing them to clump together and fall to the floor.

Passive Air Filtration Versus Active Air Purification

Example of an indoor air predicament: Particles and aerosols are released into the air from cleaning products, coughing, sneezing, pollens, smoke, and more.

Passive Air Filtration

When using standard filtration, pathogens can contaminate everything in their path as they are pulled towards the filter to pass through it. In addition, some pathogens are too small to be trapped.


Active Air Purification

Active air purification technologies produce purifying agents and project them into the air to meet particulates where they are and remove them.

How It Works

Technology Rooted In Science


Life doesn’t happen in a shoebox, so why rely on testing that does? Instead, we test our products in real world spaces as well as laboratory controlled environments. Indoor air quality (IAQ) is dynamic. Levels of pathogens, particles, and VOC's continuously change based on countless variables such as people coming and going, activities taking place, and kinds of materials used in the space. Labs can’t recreate it. While the recent pandemic has increased awareness of the importance of air quality to mitigate pathogens, the continuous reduction of particles and volatile organic compounds (VOC) is equally important when creating a healthier indoor environment.

Proven Effective Against Pathogens


Performance based on products and applications, consult with your US LED representative for more details.

Proven Effective Against Particles


Performance based on products and applications, consult with your US LED representative for more details.

Proven effective against VOC's


Performance based on products and applications, consult with your US LED representative for more details.

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