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ACP pureAir 3000

Portable Indoor Active Air Purification

Support occupant health and well-being with proven air purification solutions from US LED. Our active air purification products recreate the same processes in nature, safely destroying harmful viruses, bacteria, mold, odors, and other pathogens. Unlike passive filters that affect only air that passes through them, this air purification system projects purifying solutions to the sources of pollution, continuously reducing odors and airborne particles.

Utilizing a proprietary form of photocatalytic oxidation called Active Radiant Catalysis (ARC®), the pureAir 3000 uses energy to activate a catalyst that turns moisture into effective advanced oxidation products (AOPs). These AOPs continuously sanitize the air and surfaces, actively destroying microbes and rendering contaminants harmless. In addition, activated oxygen (ozone) and unipolar ionization also reduces odors caused by bacteria, mold, and mildew, as well as other odors, including pets, cooking, and smoking.

Product Details

Key Features

  • Easy to setup solution that actively purifies the air in an indoor environment effectively up to 3,000 square feet.1

  • Set your desired level of cleaning while you’re home, or run a deep clean while away.

  • Small, sleek design easily integrates into any indoor space elegantly.

  • Convenient remote control capability allows for simple adjustment for purification level, fan speed, away mode, or silent mode.


  • Active Radiant Catalysis (ARC®), the proprietary Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) technology, uses energy to activate a catalyst, turning moisture into products that continuously clean the space.

  • Activated oxygen (ozone) attaches itself to contaminants at the molecular level, eliminates them, and the process reverts the activated oxygen back to oxygen.

  • Unipolar ionization creates a plasma of electrical charges, and the ionization removes allergens and other pathogens.

  • Unlike passive filters that affect only air that passes through them, active air purification projects to the sources of pollution to remove odors and airborne particles.


  • Ultra-quiet five speed fan.

  • Washable rear filters.

  • ARC® Cell utilizes a proprietary germicidal UVC lamp to produce catalytic reaction.


  • Power Input: 100-240VAC | 50/60Hz | 2.5A

  • Power Usage: 22W (Nominal) | 38W (High)

Product Applications

  • Commercial Offices

  • Commercial Retail

  • Entertainment

  • Extended Care

  • Schools/Universities

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Hospitality

  • Public Venues


  • Product is backed by the manufacturer’s one-year warranty.

Note: This product cannot be shipped to California.


Are you ready to support occupant health and promote wellbeing? Let's start a conversation about active air purification.

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