Multiple Run Linear Fixture

VXF1-MR is a scalable linear LED fixture for indoor use. There are multiple variants of the fixture, each of which are optimized for target applications, including general lighting, under-shelf, cove, accent, and refrigeration lighting. Depending on the application and light requirements, the fixture can be interconnected to create a multi-fixture linear run up to 28' on a single driver. The VXF1-MR is a suspended or surface mountable fixture, designed to be linearly interconnected in runs of up to 16' in high output and 28' with standard output.

Vertical Power Cable
- VXP1-V6 6' Vertical Power Cable

- VXP1-V20 20' Vertical Power Cable
Straight Power Cable
- VXP1-S6 6' Straight Power Cable

- VXP1-s20 20' Straight Power Cable
90 Degree Power Cable
- VXP1-N6 6' 90 Degree Power Cable

- VXP1-N20 20' 90 Degree Power Cable
Air Craft Cable
- VXM1-SC8 8' Aircraft Cable
Hanger Bracket
VXM1-ES Hanger Bracket + 2 Screws
45* Mounting Bracket
- VXM1-M45 45° Mount Bracket
Surface Mount Bracket
- VXM1-M0 Surface Mount Bracket
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