LED Surface & Suspended Lighting

FM1 LED Pendant
Architectural pendant with a minimalist design and maximum appeal.
L-Grid® 2EH LED Soffit
Attractive, low profile 1x1 soffit - surface mounted or recessed and incorporates a flat, frosted lens.
LMU1 Undershelf Strip
Slim LED strip optimized for task lighting, product displays, and other retail lighting applications.
With an exclusive mounting plate that facilitates quick installation, the LSF1 wrap is designed for versatility.
PJF1 LED Linear Strip
Utilizing leading LED technology, the PJF1 is a multi-purpose solution that offers outstanding value and efficiency.
PJF2 LED Linear Strip
Low-profile linear strip that offers high performance in a modern form factor.
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Surface Mounted LED Lighting

US LED offers a wide variety of surface mounted LED lights for every application imaginable. Our products are not only easy to install, they have ultra-long L70 lifetimes and provide high performance illumination. From LED wraparound fixtures, to linear suspended LED fixtures, to LED stairwell fixtures, US LED offers the right light for your project. Our surface mounted LED lighting solutions are DLC listed so that end users can take advantage of eligible utility rebates.


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