Site Surveys

Site Surveys from US LED

Get the accurate information you need to make a smart decision about retrofit LED lighting projects with a free US LED site survey. If you're still on the fence about making the switch to LED lighting, it can help to get hands-on analysis from an expert. Our on-site visits examine your current lighting and look at ways you can improve performance while reducing costs. These surveys are conducted by industry professionals and come with no obligations for current or potential clients.

Full On-Site Lighting Assessment

Contact US LED today to schedule a commercial or industrial lighting survey. One of our staff members or contracted service providers will pay you a visit. Once they arrive on the premises, they will do a full examination of your lighting system. This includes:

  • How many fixtures you currently have

  • Where they are located

  • The types of bulbs you're using and how many watts they use

  • Current system voltage

  • How much power it takes to run your lights

  • How much the system actually costs to operate

  • How often you use the lights

Along the way, we ask a series of questions aimed at determining your satisfaction with the current lighting. We also leave plenty of time for you to ask questions, whether you want to know more about general lighting, have specific options you're interested in or discuss a custom lighting solution. Visit the US LED blog for a general guide of what questions you should be asking during a survey.

Expert Lighting Analysis and Recommendations

Both during and after the site survey, we offer recommendations about how to better light your business. While we're on site, we can propose solutions about how to improve the existing system. We look at whether the lights need to be on as often as they are and whether room occupancy sensors, daylight sensors and other auto-control systems could reduce immediate costs. We might also recommend new light bulbs that are more efficient or provide better light quality within the existing fixtures.

Once the survey is complete, US LED will analyze the data and then reach out to you in a few days with a detailed lighting system quote. We'll outline where your current lighting situation falls short and advise you on retrofit LED lighting luminaire solutions that improve quality and/or lower energy use. We even do introductory lighting layouts and ROI analysis to show you what an upgrade costs now and how much it saves you in the future.

Personalized Service from Industry Leaders

Whether you already know that you need better lighting or are just exploring your options, a free LED lighting survey from US LED can help you decide your plan of action. Our service providers know exactly what to look at and which questions to ask in order to provide a complete overview of the current lighting. If you do decide to go with US LED for a new lighting system, we have competitive pricing on the industry's longest-lasting indoor, outdoor and signage lighting with full-service project management from start to finish. Request a US LED site survey by phone or email and get a first-hand expert review of your lights.