LED Refrigeration Display Case Lighting

More About US LED Lighting Solutions For Coolers, Refrigeration, and Freezer Display Cases


LED lighting solutions for commercial display cases replaces legacy fluorescent fixtures in coolers, refrigerated cases, freezers, and beverage display cases. Shelves will pop with these store lighting solutions from US LED. Get ready to outshine your competition! Refrigerated display lighting is an ideal applications for LED technology. Because traditional fluorescent tubes can be replaced with LED solutions and reduce energy by up to 70%, grocery retailers and convenience stores are beginning to implement US LED case lighting more quickly. Typically, a retail store can realize return-on-investment after two or three years using LED lighting in their coolers. Because LED fixtures produce little to no heat relative to older fluorescent tubes, an additional energy break is realized on compressor cooling.

LED Lighting for Refrigerated Display Cases and Freezers

It's a fact - brighter and colorful displays help to sell more products in the store. With US LED lighting solutions, you can showcase your inventory in a new light and save more on the bottom line for years to come. Convenience stores and grocery retailers are replacing traditional fluorescent lighting in their refrigerated display cases with US LED lighting solutions. LED lighting drastically reduces energy consumption and eliminates maintenance.

LED Technology Makes The Difference For Displays

US LED lighting fixtures for refrigerator and freezer case lighting are engineered specifically for higher output, enhanced colors, greater energy savings, and no glare. For enhanced branding and more luminous displays, choose US LED lighting solutions. Retailers are looking to differentiate their stores from the competition around them and highlight special foods or products. While the adoption of LED lighting in refrigerated cases was originally driven by energy savings, the adoption of LED lighting technology throughout stores is now more driven by the merchandising effects.