Proof of Concept (POC) Tests

LED Proof of Concept Programs

Before you take the plunge and install a comprehensive LED lighting system, you want to be as certain as possible that it's going to work. US LED offers complimentary proof of concept assessments to all of our clients that demonstrate the feasibility of a potential project. We've put together countless lighting systems for department stores, parking garages, office buildings, stadiums and many other indoor and outdoor locations. This means we have a lot of experience seeing what concepts and proposed layouts actually work in action. And if you need us to "prove it", we will with lighting POC testing, analysis and evaluation.

Lighting Potential in Action

We have several ways to demonstrate an LED light project is the best one for your business. US LED does lighting layouts for every client that uses photometric studies to evaluate a space. Using computer simulations, we can show you what fixtures will give you a uniform distribution of light or call attention to a certain display. This also allows us to assess the overall cost of the project so you will know if it's within your budget.

For those who want to actually see lighting at work instead just look at a simulator, we develop prototypes to demonstrate the lighting design in action on a smaller scale. This puts the simulations into practice so we can confirm the fixtures, drivers, lamps and electrical grids are actually up to the intended application. We also have an extensive portfolio of projects and can pull up one similar to yours that demonstrates how it provides better lighting at the right cost for that client.

Practical LED Lighting Research and Analysis

Part of choosing a lighting concept is knowing that it will pay off. US LED is staffed by expert lighting analysts who use that knowledge to provide an accurate forecast of how it will impact your business. We do LED ROI analysis based on upfront costs, monthly energy savings and local utility rates to show you when you'll recoup your investment. Custom corporate reports use information about your project plus other case studies to prove how and why LED lighting is good for your bottom line. We also stay up-to-date on current trends and forthcoming industry developments, which means we can tell you if a proposed concept will still be practical and effective down the road.

Leading Service for Professional Lighting Buyers

US LED has been a full-service LED lighting leader since 2001 and always has a customer-first approach. In addition to engineering and manufacturing the best LED lights, we also take great pains to make sure they're the right ones for you. Our light proof of concept testing for both performance and costs gives clients the peace of mind that their project is in the right hands. We'll manage your project from start to finish as well. If you have a lighting proposal that you want to be evaluated or demonstrated, get in touch with our lighting experts. Our Texas-based staff is available by phone or email during business hours to get you started.