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US LED Project Management

Simply finding the right lighting is only one small part of actually putting it to use. A lot goes into actually designing, installing and maintaining your lighting system, and many companies don't have the knowledge or manpower to do this work themselves. US LED has been managing lighting projects since 2001 and will do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on running the business. With our full-service approach to lighting, we make it easier to make high-quality LED indoor, outdoor and signage lighting a fixture of your company.


Expert Service from Start to Finish

Many people know that US LED designs, manufactures and assembles the best commercial and industrial lighting on the market. But not everyone knows that we also are a leader in lighting project management. We will oversee every aspect of your project from the initial proposal to the moment you turn your lights on for the first time. Some of the complimentary services we offer are:


  •  Lighting layouts and design services that recommend ways to turn your idea into reality.

  •  Photometric studies that simulate the number of fixtures and lumens you will need.

  •  Proof of concept testing that demonstrates these simulations are feasible.

  •  ROI and rebate analysis to find the maximum savings both for initial setup on ongoing operations.

  •  Site surveys to look at your current lighting and verify there are no unexpected project obstacles.

  •  Multi-site installation services from professional US LED technicians or contractors.

  •  Corporate performance reviews that outline a project and provide regular updates on how it is impacting your company.

  •  A full client portal where you can review inventory, check on order status and make any warranty claims.

These services mean you can sit back and relax knowing that experts are on the job. We'll even look after your project following installation with any maintenance and repairs that are needed.

Management for Lighting Projects of All Sizes

US LED has overseen hundreds of projects for local, regional and national clients. We provide the experience and tools you need to add premium LED lighting to:


  • Parking structures

  • Grocery stores

  • Gas stations

  • Theaters

  • Indoor and outdoor sports stadiums

  • Event centers

  • Storage warehouses

  • Automotive dealerships

  • Corporate offices

Trying to manage a new LED installation or converting to LED lights can seem daunting if you try to do it alone. US LED will create and implement a project plan that focuses on whatever outcome is most important to you, whether that's improved lighting quality, more efficient energy use, improved on-site security or reduced maintenance costs. We facilitate the process while properly defining and controlling it so "scope creep" doesn't send it spiraling out of control. And if circumstances dictate a change in direction, we will pull it off with minimal impact on your project schedule and bottom line.

Practical Lighting Management Solutions

Contact the US LED customer service team by phone or email to learn more about our lighting project management services. We have the ability to manage multiple projects for your company as well as a single project that spans multiple sites. Let us take control of your upcoming LED lighting project!


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