Dorado2 from US LED is the Right Choice for Parking Lots and Car Dealerships

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

LEDs offer many advantages, but not every light is being used in the right application. Certain environments call for particular lighting qualities. For locations like parking lots and auto dealerships, the quality of light is important for safety and drawing attention. To address these needs, US LED has developed the Dorado2, an outdoor LED luminaire that provides light where you need it at a fraction of the operating cost of high-intensity discharge lamps.

Most parking lots are lit for 13 hours a day or more.[1] Using energy-efficient LEDs, adding daylight or motion controls, and dimming lights during times when the lot is empty can reduce energy costs without sacrificing security. In fact, new LED lighting options, such as the Dorado2, can potentially pay for themselves in energy savings in less than 2 years.

US LED’s original Dorado was only available in one lumen package, pushing US LED to create the Dorado2 which is far more effective for a variety of applications.

The Dorado2 offers the following:

Versatility – This luminaire can be pole mounted or wall mounted to function as a wall pack. Available slip-fitter and trunnion mounts allow positioning at an angle to act as a flood light for large billboards or building facades.

Advance Lensing – Options for three distribution patterns: Type 5, Type 2, and Lambertian (120° angle).

Variety of Packages – The Dorado2 offers 12 different lumen packages, starting at 17,600 lumens (great for low security applications) ranging to 45,200 lumens (ideal for automotive dealerships).

Efficiency – High-performance LEDs deliver improved efficacy (lm/W), providing the most light while reducing energy costs.

Customization – Drivers with programmable settings allow custom power or light level configurations. If lower light is desired, cost effective alternative configurations are also available.

Ultra-Long Life – The high-quality components and drivers give the Dorado2 an L70 lifetime of up to >200,000 hrs.

10-Year Warranty – Whether lighting areas for security or to show off automobiles in a dealership, it’s important to obtain the desired effect while saving money. No matter the application, your lighting needs can be obtained with the Dorado2. The Dorado2 creates broader possibilities that can be specialized for your application while delivering the trifecta of parking lot lighting: higher lumens, lower wattage, and longer life.

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