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Even though the decision to switch to LED lighting is quite often an easy choice, the decision of how to source the best LED lighting solution can be agonizing. Not all LED lights are created equal. There is much more to consider than the sticker price. Truly understanding your lighting needs as well as the quality and lifetime of the LED options available is paramount to selecting an option that not only provides optimal lighting but also minimizes the total cost of ownership.

While LED light bulbs are incredibly more efficient and longer lasting than traditional incandescent light bulbs, there is also a noticeable range of quality within the class of LED lights. At US LED, we outshine the competition by engineering ultra-long-life LED lights that last two to four times longer than typical industry LED bulbs while delivering a higher efficiency light source, all at competitive pricing.

The US LED ultra-long-life LED light bulbs are created by our innovative, dedicated, and detail-oriented in-house engineering staff who are committed to using only the highest quality components in the manufacturing of our LED bulbs.

This precision engineering coupled with high quality manufacturing is what enables US LED to deliver LED lighting solutions that last in excess of 200,000 hours whereas standard LED lights only last 50,000 to 100,000 hours. Not only that, but the premium components also deliver an incredibly high efficiency performance with a lumens-per-watt rating typically ranked the highest in the industry.

So how does US LED deliver a high efficiency, longer lasting LED lighting solution at a price level that is competitive with other LED suppliers?

By simplifying the distribution chain, US LED removes costly middlemen and offers competitive pricing directly to end users. Other sales strategies utilize a chain of independent lighting reps, lighting wholesalers, distributors, electricians, and general contractors that handle and markup the price of LED lights five separate times! US LED skips these expensive steps by working directly with end users to keep costs low.

US LED is truly outshining the competition with innovative and advanced engineering and an optimized distribution strategy. By combining a more efficient, longer lasting LED lighting solution with a streamlined distribution strategy, US LED delivers a premium lighting solution with a lower total cost of ownership than anyone else.

Ready to lower your total cost of ownership while improving LED lighting performance? Contact our team of LED lighting experts today!


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