US LED Delivers Impressive Innovation with PDX Channel Letter Lighting

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

LED lit channel letters are an integral part of many illuminated signs, but the cost and installation time required to create this effect used to be far too great. Recognizing these customer pain-points, US LED set out to innovate a solution, the result of which culminated in a line of PDX channel letter modules which not only exceed their predecessors’ lighting performance, but do so at a reduced cost.

Large signage projects have always posed a challenge due to the sheer number of modules necessary to achieve full population, creating lengthy, labor-intensive, and costly installation operations. With this in mind, US LED designed PDX with a wider viewing angle than previous channel letter modules. This means that less modules are necessary resulting in expedited installations that are significantly less expensive.

Available in white, as well as the color options of red, orange, blue, and green, multiple colors can be easily combined in a single signage application. In addition, PDX channel letter modules come in 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, and 6500K for a broad variety of color temperature alternatives.

Running off a 12VDC, class 2 power source and able to illuminate signs with up to a 12-inch stroke and five-inch deep can, PDX puts out an incredible 180 lumens per foot with an extra wide viewing angle of 160 degrees. And with a user-friendly design that only requires two modules per foot, PDX can be installed faster than any other product on the market. PDX can even be utilized in retrofit applications by mounting the modules on an extrusion and installing them just like a fluorescent lamp!

PDX not only provides incredible lighting performance, but are built to last too. With an IP66 rating, PDX can stand up to harsh dust and moisture prone environments. Featuring a durable over mold resin and wide-beam optic, PDX is also equipped with robust ingress protection for improved durability. With impressive lumen output and the incorporation of advanced lensing for an incredibly wide viewing angle, all backed up by an amazing 5-year warranty, US LED has truly delivered innovation with the development of PDX!

At US LED, we aim to innovate quality products that enable our customers to improve their business performance. Designed and manufactured in the USA, PDX delivers robust, high quality illumination that not only surpasses the competition, but is easily installed to reduce costs for additional value!

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