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When it comes to choosing energy-efficient lighting solutions, nothing can beat US LED’s outstanding LED products. Indeed, it is hard to understate the benefits of LED lights, and many companies are coming to realize just how much more superior they are over regular lighting. With retrofit installations allowing original lighting fixtures to remain while new, energy-efficient lamps are installed, everyone can appreciate these vastly superior products. LED lights are so energy-efficient and long-lasting they practically pay for themselves. All of these are reasons Washington Prime Group, a major mall developer that owns several properties across the U.S., has awarded US LED with seventeen retrofit installations to be completed by the end of 2017.

As Shawn Hazlett, representative of Washington Prime Group told US LED, “We would like to thank you for all your hard work with helping us replace our parking lot lights with your LEDs! Your assistance throughout the whole process made everything go smoothly even though we had many hurdles to deal with. Not only do our parking areas look great, we are very excited to receive a large incentive check from our local power company. We look forward to working with you on future energy saving projects.”

The need for new designs, engineering, and installations means switching to LED can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, US LED provides a wide array of services, managing a turn-key solution that includes LED products, free photometric layouts, installation, and rebate and incentive acquisition. These products include features with L70 lifetimes that extend beyond 200,000 hours! That’s providing ultra-long-life LEDs and, as a result, client satisfaction.

A great upgrade option is an LED retrofit kit that allows you to keep your original fixtures by replacing the existing lamps with LEDs, converting them to energy-saving LED fixtures. Among the fantastic products used are Dorado2, Star-T8, QubePAK 1M, and L-Grid3 2x2. You will benefit from the entire US LED team’s expertise from sales, including Andreea Ros, to Bob Coleman, Christopher Lapp, and the rest of the photometric design team. As if that weren’t enough, your project could have the potential to save up to 40% or more in energy rebates covering a large portion of the retrofit costs.

US LED has been able to create, build, and maintain new partnerships with every client. As the benefits of LED grow and spread, companies are making the switch and seeing the benefits for themselves. Now is the time to switch and reap the savings.

US LED is a leader in the lighting industry, with quality service and technology. They are proud to have the opportunity to bring LED to all customers, and they are looking forward to introducing you to the great savings in energy and money inherent in US LED lighting. Keep current with US LED!


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