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Outdoor LED Sports Field Lighting

Elevate Your Game Experience With A Competitive Edge

With Atleta from US LED, you can provide the show-stopping experience that your fans and athletes deserve today and well into the future. Energy-efficient LED sports lighting integrated with control management systems can save on energy costs while elevating athletic competition. By harnessing the power of solid-state lighting technology, your sports facility will virtually eliminate all maintenance costs associated with lighting and minimize light pollution in the process.

Discover The Benefits of LED Sports Field Lighting

Your fans demand an amazing experience when they watch your team in action. Ideal for any level of sports, Atleta provides dynamic lighting that will give your crowds the view of a lifetime. Additionally, player performance is be elevated with improved visibility, reduced glare, and no shadowing. LED sports field lighting will meet the needs and budget of your venue while doing more to cut down on operational costs.

Explore Intelligent Lighting Controls and Monitoring

Optional intelligent lighting controls and monitoring capabilities work with the Atleta LED sports field lighting to make it easier to manage your lighting across facilities. Our partners can help pre-program intuitive controls so that you can dial in the right light settings and make your instant adjustments. Additionally, you can also have access to data that enables you to optimize your facilities' lighting.

Your Full-Service Sports Lighting Installation Company

Need help implementing Atleta sports lighting at your venue? Offering tailored support from the very beginning, US LED strives to provide the very best turnkey lighting solutions that add value to your organization. From the initial lighting design to the complete installation, our first-class project management team can assure that it's done safely and efficiently.