Lighting Layouts

Lighting Layouts

Great lighting on any scale starts with a great plan. US LED lighting layout services will help you plan out new or replacement lighting in offices, warehouses, clothing stores, parking garages and dozens of other places before you install a single fixture. Deciding to use our industry-leading LED lights - many of which feature a 200,000-hour L70 rating and a 10-year warranty - is only the first part of the plan. You'll also need to figure out what types of fixtures to use, where to place them and how to power them. Our professional lighting engineers can do that for you with a complimentary lighting layout that will help everything from electronics to directional signage look good for decades to come.

The Value of Good Light Designs

Every space has its own unique lighting needs, and you'll need to account for them if you want both the lights and the people and things beneath them to look their best. This is true whether you're building a new space, remodeling an existing space or retrofitting for LED lamps. US LED has dozens of interior, exterior and sign lighting products, and by putting together a layout, we can confidently tell you which one will provide the best, most cost-efficient light. We'll also be able to tell you what demands it will place on your electrical system so you know if rewiring or new installations are needed. These layouts help installers as well because they'll know exactly what to place where before they even arrive on the job site.


 Perfectly Tuned LED Lighting Solutions


We use photometric analysis to simulate every aspect of your project - area size and shape, items on display, local environment and much more. Using this information, we can recommend what types of fixtures you need, how many you need, where to place them and what lamp types are best. US LED can make tweaks based on all sorts of factors, including how many trees are on your parking lot perimeter or how large your convenience store shelves are. For signage lighting, we use CAD software to bring our modules down to scale so you know what luminaires and drivers to purchase. We'll even adhere to your provided local and state commercial lighting codes so we can account for what brightness levels, light spill and light trespass are legally allowed. This comprehensive lighting layout planning is just one of the ways we make light installation easier for our clients.


Quick Service from Lighting Professionals

Fill out our new lighting layout request form below to get started on your next project. By providing details such as project type, space dimensions, desired light levels, mounting height and existing fixtures, you will give our engineers the tools needed to complete the layout. We'll put together a light layout in a matter of days with our recommendations for fixtures, wattage, lumens and placement. Ensure that your space has the lighting arrangement it needs by trusting US LED. You'll know you're receiving the right products in the right quantities at a competitive price as part of our full-service lighting.


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