LED Retrofit Kits

Commercial LED Retrofit

LED Retrofit Kits

Considering the upgrade to LED technology but don't want to replace all of your existing lights? LED retrofit kits from US LED can help convert your existing fluorescent fixtures into energy efficient LED fixtures. LED retrofit kits can provide both energy savings and maintenance savings long term. LED retrofit kits come in a variety of configurations, color temperatures, 0-10V dimming, and can also utilize smart lighting controls. US LED retrofit kits are DLC Listed for end users to take advantage of local or state utility rebates.

LED Troffer Retrofit Kits

LED troffer retrofit kits are available to retrofit 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4 fluorescent troffers and eliminate the need for fluorescent tubes. These LED troffer retrofit kits easily install in minutes out in the field by utilizing the existing housing and help avoid disturbing the ceiling. This is a primary benefit for applications like hospitals or schools where there are restrictions for disturbing the plenum space.

Where To Use LED Retrofit Kits

LED retrofit kits are ideal for applications that want to upgrade to LED lighting but not have to replace all of the existing lights completely. Most importantly, some applications are restricted from disturbing the ceiling or getting into the plenum space. LED retrofit kits are ideal for classrooms, hospitals, healthcare facilities, hospitality, offices, industrial spaces, warehouses, and other commercial spaces. For areas that might have moisture present, like utility rooms or bathrooms, US LED retrofit kits are damp location rated.