LED Indoor Lighting

Commercial LED Indoor Lighting

LED Architectural Lights

Lighting can greatly affect the way individuals work and interact with a particular space. Whether you're looking for LED lighting to make the right atmosphere or choosing purely on aesthetics, LED architectural lights from US LED will enrich any environment. Designed for performance and with decorative elements, LED architectural lighting offers patented technology that's proven to deliver the highest quality illumination and look good while doing it. With a variety of form factors and colors to choose from, you'll have the aesthetics and lighting you're looking for.

LED Ceiling Flat Panel

Engineered for quick installation by only one person, LED ceiling flat panels are available in multiple sizes and color temperatures to meet your project needs. US LED also has integrated accessories available to make sure you that you meet sustainable design standards as well as energy-efficiency requirements.

LED Downlight

Also referred to as "can lights", LED downlights can replace existing traditional legacy systems or are perfect for new construction projects. US LED offers a wide selection of LED downlights in assorted sizes, IC rated LED downlights, non-IC rated LED downlights, and LED downlight accessories. Non-IC rated LED downlights must have a minimum 3" space between the outside of the housing and any insulation in the ceiling. IC rated LED downlights can be installed with the ceiling insulation touching the housing.

LED Industrial Lights / LED Shop Lights / High Bay LED Lights

US LED offers a large selection of LED shop lights for industrial applications such as high bay LED lights, low bay LED lights, LED strip lights, LED wrapround lights, and more. LED shop lights and high bay lights are cost-effective, are environmentally preferable than traditional lighting systems, and are proven to perform in even the most harsh industrial work spaces or shop areas. LED industrial lights and high bay LED lights are designed to be suspended or surface mounted and are ideal for higher mounting heights in commercial installations or warehouse lighting installations. US LED offers the very best LED shop lights, LED industrial lights, high bay LED shop lights, LED warehouse lights, or any other high bay LED lights in Houston, Texas and across the country.

LED Recessed Lights / LED Recessed Troffers

Recessed LED Lights or LED troffers typically are offered in 1x4, 2x2, or 2x4 sizes. Ideal for schools, offices, conference rooms, hospitals, and other commercial buildings, these fixtures provide even light distribution that's comforting and glare-free. US LED manufactures a variety of troffer LED lights that allow you to choose different form factors, designs, and integrated accessories. With choices of lens types, color temperature, and controls, you'll find the right troffer LED lights that fit your environment perfectly.

LED Retrofit Kits

Easily convert legacy fluorescent fixtures to LED with LED retrofit kits from US LED. These LED retrofit kits help to replace existing fluorescent tube fixtures to energy-efficient LED technology and help reduce energy usage and maintenance costs. LED retrofit kits are ideal for applications like classrooms, office spaces, retail stores, and other commercial buildings that have existing fixtures that need to be utilized for LED lighting and keep the aesthetic look. Upgrading your fluorescent lighting fixtures to LED lighting technology will give your space the modern, brighter look you're looking for. For those looking to utilize LED tubes, LED retrofit kits can help convert existing fluorescent fixtures to utilize LED tubes and improve performance and efficiency. These LED retrofit kits will help convert legacy lighting into LED technology in an economical way. LED retrofit kits can convert older T8 standard fluorescent fixtures to high output LED lighting technology.

LED Strip Lights

Strip LED lights from US LED provide the flexibility to get the right light where you need and maintain an attractive aesthetic while doing it. Looking for a brighter utility light for your work space or looking to light up your office area more appropriately? Consider LED strip lights that can be configured in multiple lengths and are suitable for both suspension or surface mounting. Strip light LED fixtures are available to replace old existing fluorescent fixtures with highly efficient LED technology to eliminate the needs for fluorescent tubes. LED strip light fixtures are available for task lighting, in addition to general commercial and industrial lighting. For those looking to utilize LED tubes, US LED manufacturers LED ready strip fixtures that can utilize 1, 2, or 4 lamp configurations that can be purchased separately. With any LED strip light, you can customize the lumen output and color temperature that you desire to properly light your space. US LED strip LED lights are rated for damp locations, have ultra-long-life L70 lifetimes, and are backed by an industry-leading 10 year warranty.

LED Wraparound

Surface mount wrap fixtures deliver even light distribution in a form factor that covers a wide footprint. Suitable for industrial and utility lighting in parking garages, stairwells, hallways, offices, conference rooms, retail spaces, or other commercial spaces, LED wrap fixtures made by US LED come in a variety of options and lengths. With integrated controls, you can easily incorporate LED wrap fixtures into your existing building automation. LED wrap fixtures are the best energy-efficient, low maintenance alternatives to traditional fluorescent fixtures. 

LED Undershelf Lights

Under shelf LED lights and under cabinet LED lights aren't just for residential use in kitchens any longer. Under shelf LED lights and under cabinet LED lights are now being utilized more commonly to provide ambient lighting for desks, office spaces, cove areas, shelving in retail spaces, and other commercial uses. US LED manufactures under shelf LED lights and under cabinet LED lights in a variety of lengths and incorporate motion sensors that adjust the lighting when people are around.