LED Lighting Installation

Until your lighting system has actually been installed and turned on for the first time, it's just a bunch of inert fixtures, tube and wires. US LED provides installation of commercial and industrial lighting systems as part of our full-service project management. Proper installation doesn't just ensure your lights look and work as they should. It also prevents damage that can occur from faulty wiring, loose fixtures, bad drivers and other issues. We will make sure your lighting systems work as they should and are safe for everyone to use.


Lighting Work by Trained Professionals

 Outside of just replacing bulbs, most lighting work should be done by a licensed electrician. This is because a lot of wiring and circuitry is involved that can be dangerous without the necessary knowledge and precautions. US LED lighting technicians meet the same standards for quality as our industry-leading fixtures and bulbs. They can install lighting just about anywhere indoors or outdoors. Beginning either with the layout produced by our photometric services or one you provide, they will take care of everything so your lights shine brightly when they're complete. If there's a problem, they have the experience to revise plans as needed with minimal disruption to the project deadline.

New & Retrofit LED Installations

 We do LED installation work in a variety of buildings and environments, including:


  • Department stores

  • Grocery stores and delis

  • Public and private parking structures

  • Museums

  • Art centers

  • Warehouses

  • Gas stations

  • Courtyards

  • Colleges and high schools

Whether it's a new LED lighting installation or a retrofit, we'll do any necessary placement, drilling and wiring need to set up the fixtures and connect them to a power source. We also install drivers and switches, handle insulation and make sure all work meets local building and electrical codes. These lighting installs are turnkey - when we're done, you can instantly flip the switch and enjoy high-quality light.

Online Installation Guides

If you elect to find your own lighting installer, US LED can still lend a helping hand. The US LED blog has installation guides for select products we offer so you can add them to your layout. In a few cases , these guides are created by our own staff to demonstrate the proper procedures for a specific light. Each fixture has its own intricacies, and with an installation video or step-by-step guide, your installer can get up to speed on US LED products. Note that the installer should still be a licensed electrician even if they're not one of our service providers.

Expert Service from US LED

LED lighting provides a number of benefits to businesses, including lower energy use, a longer lifespan, better quality light and less maintenance. However, it must be installed correctly both to get these benefits and to prevent dangers such as power outages and electrical fires. Contact US LED to get reliable lighting installation from a licensed technician. It's part of our full-service approach that includes a guarantee that your indoor, outdoor and signage lights will meet or exceed data sheet specifications.