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Industrial LED Lighting

LED High Bay Lighting and Warehouse Lighting

US LED offers multiple configurations of linear LED high bay and low bay fixtures that can get the light exactly where you need it! LED high bay fixtures have different light distributions to choose from, including medium and wide distributions. Choosing the correct distribution type is critical for lighting up open areas with higher ceilings and racking aisles. When integrated with motion sensors, LED high bay fixtures are only active when activity is present and turn off when idle for a predetermined time to reduce energy consumption. The lighting experts at US LED can assist in putting together photometric lighting layouts to make sure you are utilizing the correct LED high bay and optical distributions for your application.

Mounting Height for LED Linear High Bays and Low Bays

Determining mounting height for your application is critical to determining which LED high bay fixture you should specify. Typical mounting height is determined by the distance between the floor to the light source above. Some LED linear high bays can be suspended, pendant mount or surface mounted which allows for greater versatility. What's most important to consider is the amount of foot-candles hitting the floor at the specified task, not necessarily the amount of lumens being output. For example, the typical IES standard for open warehouse lighting is 20-30 foot-candles on the ground, not a fixed number of lumens from the LED high bay fixture.

LED Replacement for High Bays and Low Bays

When ready to implement one-for-one LED replacements for fluorescent or HID systems, there are a few factors to consider. In order to get the best scenario possible, make sure to consult the lighting experts at US LED to get a photometric lighting layout of your application. The first factor to consider which LED high bay fixture to use is how many foot-candles are needed on the ground for the specific task. This will ultimately determine the product type, the distribution, and the LED high bay fixture wattage. The next factor is the actual mounting height and mounting restrictions that could affect the layout of the property. Finally, choosing the appropriate color temperature for the application. While a lower CCT will provide a warmer feeling environment, a higher CCT will promote productivity, especially in an industrial application like a warehouse. LED high bay fixtures also can be dimmed down to 5-10% with integrated motion sensors when activity is present.