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ExsaBay XLE

LED High Bay

For industrial general area new construction or retrofit applications, US LED’s solution is the ExsaBay XLE (EBXLE1) family of high bays. The ExsaBay XLE family is an economical, scalable high bay solution to install and replace existing fluorescent, high pressure sodium and metal halide technologies. The ExsaBay XLE is designed specifically for open area lighting distribution patterns, providing a variety of lumen packages ranging from 15,150 to 72,150 lumens. The ExsaBay XLE is intended to be mounted via adjustable cable hangers in a typical mounting height range of 20-70’.

Product Specs

Color Temperatures: 

3500K, 4000K, 5000K

Max Lumens:



120-277V, 347-480V


101W, 161W, 201W, 321W, 401W, 481W

Additional Options:

Battery Backup, Motion Sensor, Daylight Harvesting


Aircraft Cable Mounting Kit, Pendant Mounting Kit, Wire Guard


Product Details

Key Features

  • Energy-efficient LED replacement for conventional fluorescent or HID systems.

  • Modular design accommodates multiple lumen packages up to 72,150L.

  • Suspended, surface, or pendant mounted.


  • Housing is fabricated from aluminum for maximum durability and is designed to optimize thermal management.

  • Lightweight aluminum heat sink is designed to perform naturally convective cooling.

  • Finish is pre-painted white standard.

  • Wire guard accessories available.


  • 120-277V or 347-480V input.

  • 0-10V dimming standard (Mark 7 interface).

  • Integrated emergency driver/battery back-up accessory available.

  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +50°C (-40°F to +122°F)


  • Industry leading LEDs with 5000K CCT (minimum 80 CRI).

  • Lumen Maintenance >172,000 hours (L70).

  • Lens optics are designed to output a specialized light distribution for optimal performance in specific applications.


  • Suspended and surface mount ready.

  • Ships with (2) 40” chains and v-hooks.

  • Pendant mounting kit accessory available.


  • Backed by US LED's industry-leading Ten-Year Warranty.

Stocked Configurations

EBXLE1 in-stock configurations are subject to change at any time. Please contact our customer service team for the most recent list of stocked configurations.

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