LED Ceiling Flat Panels

L-Grid® Edge Xtreme XL
Both stylish and thin, this flat panel combines simple aesthetics and performance across the entire ceiling.
L-Grid®2 EH
The possibilities are endless with this dynamic flat panel that can enhance any traditional T-Grid ceiling.
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LED Ceiling Flat Panels

Get ready to experience the difference LED light panels can make in your space! Ceiling LED flat panels are an ideal solution for offices, school, hospitality, retail, and other commercial buildings. These LED flat panels are engineered to be an energy efficient alternative to traditional lighting systems, like fluorescent troffers. LED ceiling flat panels use a fraction of the power consumption and have ultra-long L70 lifetimes. LED flat panels from US LED are also DLC listed to allow the end user to take advantage of local utility rebates. With LED ceiling flat panels offering choices in color temperature, 0-10V dimming, and lumen output, it allows a lighting designer the opportunity to showcase an environment in the best light possible. With integrated controls and building automation, you can easily reduce energy consumption while still providing the appropriate light for reducing eye strain and glare. LED flat panels are very thin by design and are ideal with locations with shallow plenums. Reduced weight also allows one-person installation, thereby reducing labor costs. For those without traditional T-Grid ceilings, US LED has options for suspension or surface mounting for greater versatility.


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