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LED Outdoor Lighting

Find Outdoor LED Lights That Fit Your Project Needs

If you're looking for high-performing outdoor LED lighting that fits your budget, you've round the right place! From pole lights in the parking lot to wall-mounted lights on the building, US LED has exactly what you're looking for. US LED lighting fixtures provide superior performance that increases visibility and security for exterior applications. Whether you're just looking to light up walkways or brighten up exterior facades, US LED exterior lights will give you an increased level of security and deter criminal activity at night. US LED outdoor lights have additional accessories, like motion sensors or photo control, to give you more management over your lighting needed for your project. From wall packs to dusk to dawn lights to area lights, you'll find that US LED products are quality tested to meet the rigorous demand of any outdoor application and perform to the highest level.

Because of our early history in LED lighting, US LED has decades of engineering expertise to continuously offer ultra-long-life luminaires that approach or exceed 200,000-hour L70 lifetimes. Since we have total control over the quality process, our products come with an industry-leading Ten-Year Warranty. Many of our lighting products are assembled in our plant in Houston, Texas. 

Outdoor Area Lights and Outdoor Site Lights

You're not going to avoid going out at night. But you can avoid overpaying for quality outdoor LED lighting. Browse US LED's portfolio of outdoor area and site LED lights before you get ready to install. Whether you're lighting up parking lots, guiding visitors down walkways, or illuminating exteriors, US LED area lights can get the job done. US LED goes beyond industry standards to offer lights that approach or exceed 200,000 hours L70 lifetimes. What is the L70 lifetime? L70 is the estimated number of hours of use where initial lumen output has degraded by 30% (30% dimmer than when originally installed). When other manufacturers' lights fail after 50,000-100,000 hours, US LED lights keep on shining bright.

Outdoor Flood Lights and Landscape Lights

Outdoor flood lights and landscape lights are the best options for improving the look of facades and increasing security. US LED flood lights enhance the look of your property at night and instantly increase visibility in walkways, building exteriors, and signage. Outdoor flood lights can relieve parking lot anxiety as visitors move around the property while improving curb appeal.

Outdoor Parking Garage Lights

When you install US LED parking garage lights on every level, dark areas were minimized, safety was enhanced, and maintenance was eliminated. US LED parking garage lights can be integrated with a microwave motion sensor that can turn on when activity is present and dim down when there's not. Park your next lighting project with US LED and let us drive you to more energy savings! 

Outdoor Canopy Lights

US LED canopy lights offer the best overhead lighting solution for gas stations, sidewalks, soffits, loading areas, and drive-throughs. With attractive form factors and high-performance illumination, these canopy lights will never leave you in the dark! US LED canopy lights are engineered to install easily in the field and provide photometric performance that results in sites with excellent uniformity. Don't let progress or customers drive by any longer! With US LED gas canopy lights, you'll make service islands visually stunning while drivers feel safer at night.

Outdoor Sports Field Lights and Stadium Lights

Take your venue to the next level with US LED sports lights and stadium lights. When you choose US LED, you'll get the best-in-class LED sports lighting that can deliver top-level experiences the same way your team does every game. By harnessing the power of solid-state lighting technology, your sports facility will virtually eliminate all maintenance costs associated with lighting and minimize light pollution in the process.

Outdoor Wall Mounted Lights

US LED wall mounted lights and wall packs easily light up porches, stairways, or perimeters, and building exteriors. Regardless if you're looking for something more architectural or commercial-grade US LED has the right wall pack to fit your project. US LED wall mounted lights offer superior lighting performance, zero maintenance, and install easily in the field. Best of all? They are backed by an industry-leading Ten-Year Warranty for peace of mind.


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