Electric Vehicle Chargers

Commercial EV Charging Stations

Leading The Change To Energize E-Mobility

US LED electric vehicle charging stations are built network-ready for back-end management and come standard with RFID card readers for user identification. With a versatile ergonomic design, they can be mounted to a wall or pedestal while providing the proper charge current. With US LED as your EV charging station manufacturer, you'll easily add the benefit of electric vehicle charging to retail stores, business campuses, municipalities, hospitality, and many other commercial properties.

Dynamic EV Solutions For Sustainable Infrastructure

Engineered with the end user in mind, the US LED electric vehicle chargers are designed to easily integrate into your existing architecture with flexible mounting options. Different classifications of chargers allow for fleet owners charge as efficiently while managing operations with back-end data. With the ability to specify cable length and its versatile connectivity, you can rely on long-term charging performance that operates within your circuit capacity.

Future-Proof EV Charging Technology

An EV charging station company can only be as good as the technology it has. With US LED, you will have a truly open and interoperable EV charging platform to accommodate your application. Using a secure RFID card reader interface for user identification and optional OCPP-compliant software, it offers LAN, 4G, or Wi-Fi enabled communication for back-end management. Now property owners or fleet managers can future-proof their smart charging and have the flexibility to scale exponentially.

Get It All Done With Turnkey Installation

US LED combines years of electrical, mechanical, and power management expertise to install sustainable e-mobility technologies. Partnering together, we can help you explore the possibilities of EV charging stations and how they will benefit your property. Dedicated project managers will be a single point of contact for the process and certified electricians will assure that your EV chargers are installed with greater safety and efficiency. In the end, that’s what matters most, and we are committed to that.

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