Electric Vehicle Chargers, Turnkey Installation and Project Management

Are you considering adding electric vehicle charging solutions to your commercial property? US LED can take care of the project from conception to completion! Whether you need EV chargers or just need installation, US LED project managers oversee everything to deliver your electric vehicle chargers safely, efficiently, and within budget.

Why use US LED for EV chargers, project management, and installation?

EV Charger Station

US LED electric vehicle charging stations are built network-ready for back-end management and designed to integrate into your existing architecture with flexible mounting options easily.

EV Charger Station Project Design

Project Design

US LED focuses on your project requirements to develop a scope that satisfies the needs of the business. Includes site assessment, EV charger specifications, and electrical design.

EV Charger Station Installation

Turnkey Installation

US LED project managers deploy personnel in the field to complete EV charging projects. It includes project commissioning, procurement, permitting, installation, and multi-location rollouts.

EV Charger Station Support

Support Services

The US LED team can identify state, federal and utility rebates, apply for those rebates on your behalf, provide documentation and networking software management solutions.

EV Charger Station Installation Turnkey Management


US LED project managers virtually eliminate the risk of project delays or failures. As a result, projects get completed safely, efficiently, on time, and within budget.

Phot of Recently Installed EV Charger Stationse

EV Charging Solutions For Any Application

EV Charger Stations for Multi Family

Apartments, Condos, and Other Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

EV Charger Stations for the Workplace

Office Buildings and Corporate Campuses

EV Charger Stations for Public use

Retail, Hospitality, Grocery, Restaurants, and other Public Areas

EV Charger Stations for Fleets

Quick Charge or Overnight Charging for Commercial Fleets


Lead The Charge For Your Property With TurboEVC

Networking Software For EV Chargers

Everything you need from one provider. It's that simple.

EV Charger Station Hardware

Support for Level 2 AC and Level 3 DC Fast Chargers.

EV Charger Station Software

Software connects, monitors, and manages chargers 24/7.

EV Charger Station Billing Solutions

Set usage fees and accept payments using any major credit card.

EV Charger Station Power Management

Power Management
Install more chargers on a limited electrical service using load balancing.

Track EV Charger Station Costs

Track Costs & Impact
Calculate energy costs based on local rates, measure GHG offset.

Full Service EV Charger Station Support

Full-Service Support
Leverage our customer service team for ongoing support anytime.

Private Labeling EV Charger Stations

Easily add your brand to the EV charging experience.

EV Charger Station API

Best-In-Class APIs
Get full control over your EV charging services with software APIs.

Key EV Charger Software Features

Multi user EV Charger Station Software
EV Charger Station Software Interfaces

Multiple User Interfaces

Offer users multiple ways to interface with your TurboEVC chargers: network cards, phone apps, and Text & Go.

EV Charger Station Software Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboards

Site owner dashboards provide an intuitive interface for managing EV chargers: track usage, download reports, update settings, and more.

EV Charger Station Software Billing

Payments & Billing

The software accepts every major credit card and offers convenient ways for users to pay. In addition, users are billed once a month for usage, just like an electric bill.

EV Charger Station Software Power Management

Power Management

Power management (or load balancing) allows you to install more chargers on a limited electrical service. Output amperage is automatically adjusted based on the number of vehicles plugged in.