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LED Light Design Services

 Lighting plays a big part in how a building, lot or park impacts the people in it. A well-designed lighting layout will create the visual clarity and atmosphere you're looking for, whether that's to help people be happier, healthier, safer, more productive or more likely to buy certain merchandise. US LED lighting professionals are ready to help you put together the best LED lighting for any commercial, industrial or municipal space. We provide complimentary lighting design and recommendations to anybody who wants their light to shine in just the right way.

Plan Lighting Projects

Our LED luminaires are the most-efficient, longest-lasting lights in the industry, with many carrying an L70 rating of 200,000 hours or more. But you still need to lay them out properly to have the biggest effect. Our lighting engineers are trained in the field of photometric studies and will simulate everything about a space from the curves of an office hallway to the boulders next to the front walkway. In doing so, they can determine which fixtures and bulbs are needed to provide bright, evenly distributed light. By requesting a professional lighting design, you can see whether a proposed layout is practical, works as intended and is within your budget. If it isn't, we will make adjustments and recommendations so you and the installers are set to go.

Enhance Every Large Space

US LED can apply our expert lighting design services to a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces along with signage lighting. Some of our recent projects have included:

  • Retail stores

  • Convenience stores

  • Car dealerships

  • Parking garages

  • Warehouses

  • Stadiums

  • Art galleries

  • Commercial offices

  • Boardwalks

We have done new LED builds and retrofits for an assortment of national partners such as 7-Eleven, Advance Auto Parts and Dollar General. Whatever type of lighting you're looking for, we have the fixtures and the expertise to make it happen.

Complete Professional Lighting Design

Good lighting designs involve more than just deciding where to put the luminaires. When you submit your project details to us, we will put together a full report with all our recommendations. This includes how many fixtures you'll need, how many lumens each lamp should be, how many watts of energy it will use and the estimated cost. This will help you set a budget and determine whether your current electrical supply is enough to power the lighting you want. US LED even looks at light spillage and other factors so your project meets local codes.

Creative High-Quality Lighting Solutions

US LED has been a commercial and industrial lighting design leader for as long as we've been an award-winning LED light manufacturer . We will manage a lighting project from beginning to end with ROI analysis, site surveys, installation, proof-of-concept tests and many other services. All our design and engineering work is done in the U.S., which means faster and more attentive response to your needs. Send us your information today and we'll get back to you in a few days with a lighting design that will make you look good.


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