Corporate Performance Reviews

Corporate Performance Reviews of LED Lighting

It's easy to see the visual advantages of LED lights. Their bright, uniform light will make any indoor or outdoor space look good. But other benefits such as reduced operating costs, increased business and improved security can take a lot more time and effort to quantify. US LED corporate performance evaluations look at how an LED lighting project is helping your business and puts it into terms you understand. These reviews can prepare a company that's considering an LED installation and track its performance over time.


Complete LED Light Analysis


We conduct LED lighting performance reviews that study every aspect of a system. This goes far beyond making sure you have enough electrical power or are installing the right amount of fixtures. Some of the things we evaluate are:​

  • Lighting Quality - US LED looks at whether the lighting system you've chosen is working as expected. This means following up on our initial photometric studies to verify you're getting the type of lighting you expected. 

  • Operating Finances - Our ROI and rebate analysis will show you how much you can expect to save over time and during initial installation. We'll also track the installation process to make sure the project is on budget and provide an updated analysis if unexpected factors occur.

  • Effect on Business - Many companies choose LED lighting in hopes of attracting more visitors and improving their mood. We look at how a new or retrofit LED installation improves business and can show you the results in terms in foot traffic, sales and repeat customers.

  • Security - Are you constantly dealing with trespassing or theft due to poor lighting? Our corporate LED assessments track how these numbers drop after installation so you know how much added protection they're providing.

Initial and Ongoing Lighting Evaluations

 Like many other facets of your business, lighting is an evolving variable, and unexpected factors may come up. That's why we don't just provide a single LED corporate performance report to convince you to install LED lighting and leave it at that. We provide regular reviews and updates to show that the light system is working as it was meant to. If something isn't going as expected, we'll examine why, then propose a solution to get things back on track. You'll be ready for any board meeting, conference or annual review armed with information that's researched and evaluated by industry experts.

Know More About Your Lights

Knowledge is power when it comes to knowing how your lighting is affecting your company, whether for better or for worse. US LED performance evaluations are part of our comprehensive lighting services to help businesses get the most out of their ultra-long-lasting lighting. Furthermore, we go easy on the technical jargon and put our analysis into language that non-experts can understand. It's part of our commitment to do more for professional LED lighting buyers and the companies they work for. And all of that is in addition to our industry-leading commercial, industrial and signage LED lights that are engineered and assembled in the U.S. Expect more from your lighting provider by choosing US LED.