Upgrade Now To LED With Lighting As A Service

With our Light Now Program, you can convert your property to energy-efficient LED lighting with zero upfront cost to you.


Seriously. Zero Upfront Cost.

What is Lighting as a Service (LaaS)?

Why spend money on lighting when you can use it for something with better leverage? For companies looking to increase efficiencies, US LED offers a creative solution that can reduce overall energy consumption and eliminate maintenance. Our Light Now Program, sometimes referred to as LaaS or Lighting As A Service, is an all-inclusive subscription that allows business owners the ability to install energy-efficient LED lighting with no upfront capital. Monthly payments divide the cost of the new LED lighting, the initial installation, and the ongoing maintenance in the Program.

The Light Now Program (Lighting as a Service) helps to create a reduction in energy usage and simultaneously cuts down lighting maintenance by installing new LED lighting at no upfront capital to our customers. Because the Program is defined as a service agreement, it’s designated as an operating expense and not a capital expense. Cash-flow is positive day one compared to other traditional procurement methods and the energy savings help pay for the program.