Channel Letter Lighting

More About Channel Letter Lighting

Quickly illuminate exterior signs and displays with our channel letter lighting. Many businesses use these custom metal or plastic letters to spell out their company name, create a monument sign, or make big announcements. With LED channel letters, you can draw people in at night or simply increase brand awareness with a gorgeous lit sign. Make one channel letter or multiple rows of them shine brightly with the right LED lighting from US LED. We have developed a collection of efficient channel letter lights that are easy to install so you can add a new dimension to your signage.

Small Form Factor Channel Letter LED Modules

Whatever size your channel letters are, we have the small form factor lights that will fit. Both PointXL and SaverXL LED modules for channel letters deliver dimmable, uniform light for low-voltage applications. The SaverXL line can be used in signage as shallow as one inch with just two LED modules per foot. Want your sign to be something other than shades of white? The SaverXL line also offers colored modules that come in red, orange, blue, and green.

Industry-Leading Channel Letter Lighting From US LED

With so many options available, US LED is confident we have the right LED lights that fit your sign design, color needs, and budget. Take a look at our product pages to learn more about each channel letter module, including spacing recommendations, energy data, and their safety certifications. You can use these channel letter lights to retrofit an existing sign or build a new one that will prominently display your organization name. We offer an industry-leading Ten-Year Warranty on our signage products so that you can be confident they will be burning bright whenever you are open for business - and even when you are not.

Are you ready to create eye-catching signage that helps customers find you faster, increases foot traffic, and boosts sales?